I-Deal House Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Kenneth Ng

I-deal house is a company with a team of experienced and knowledgeable interior designers who specialize in design and conceptualization services. In addition, the company’s services also extend into the area of construction and renovation work.

When asked about his reasons for going into business, Mr Ng stated that it has always been a dream of his to own his own company. Furthermore, the ability to own his own company also gives him the rare opportunity to implement his own ideals into action.

Mr Ng also mentions that he has always been passionate about designing. It is an area where he can fully express himself and allow his imagination to create the perfect space for customers. He also says that this opportunity also allows him to interact with different people and create lasting friendships in the process.

The initial phase of the business was not smooth sailing, as I-deal house struggled to get a bigger customer base due to the fact that they were relative newcomers in the industry. However, I-deal House is a company with good work ethics and a strong belief in positivity. It is this very combination that has allowed I-deal House to produce good results, and this in turn produced many positive reviews of their services. With regards to the solution to gaining a bigger customer base, Mr Ng summed it up and said, “Work hard, and be truthful; as time goes by, the majority of your clients will come through referrals”.

When asked about his proudest business achievements to date, Mr Ng mentioned that he is proud of all his achievements, and cannot single out one single achievement as his personal highlight.

To Mr Ng, the essence of entrepreneurship is simply, ‘working harder and working longer”. This shows that everyone at I-deal House produces results through hours and hours of refining their craft. I-deal House is packed with not only talented individuals, but these same individuals are also willing to work hard to expand on their talents.

When asked about his main source of motivation and inspiration, Mr Ng said, “my family”. Clearly, the reason for Mr Ng going into business is to provide for his family’s welfare. It can most certainly be said that his love for his family acts as a major source of motivation because he wants the best for his family.

The name “I-deal House” comes from the belief to make all houses an ideal place for living. Evidently, even the naming itself is to ensure that customers’ satisfaction. It is with a customer-centric direction that I-deal House is able to endear themselves to their customer base.

I-deal House fully understands that they owe their success to the loyal support of their customers, without which I-deal House will not even be around. As such, everyone at I-deal House is fully committed to design and work for their customers.

Mr Ng mentions that the ability to be generous and honest is the most important aspect of being a successful businessperson. He further elaborated that being generous is not to find a way to take advantage of staff or customer, but being able to give the best to everyone around. More importantly, Mr Ng mentions that a successful businessperson is always honest, this is simply because cheating leads to nowhere in life.

I-deal House is a company with big dreams, as they hope to potentially become the most celebrated and talked about company in the industry. Clearly, this is a big goal, but judging by I-deal House’s single-minded focus on providing unparalleled service, realization of the goal is only a matter of time.

Contact Details:
780 Upper Serangoon Road #01-02
Choon Kim House S(534649)
T| 6469 6538 / 8484 6555
F| 6469 7239
E| enquiry@idealhouse.com.sg

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