Jun Yi Enterprise Pte Ltd

Website: www.junyi.com.sg

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Patrick Goh

Jun Yi Enterprise is a company that specializes in renovation and interior design work for industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

When asked about his reasons for going into the industry, Mr Goh mentioned that he has always had an interest in the area of design, and did light sketches while growing up. He said that it has always been a dream of his to have a career where he can freely implement his own vision and philosophy.

It is inevitable that there are challenges in the area of business, therefore, those at Jun Yi Enterprise take it in their stride to work hard with consistency. Mr Goh added that it is not only inevitable, but it is natural that people face challenges in business, as such; one must approach every situation with balance and an even-temper.

A unique company in their own right, Mr Goh mentions that he does not see the other companies in the industry to be competitors; rather, he sees them as partners that he can learn from. As is evident, Jun Yi Enterprise is a company that continues their operations with a humble-minded approach. Mr Goh goes on to say that a successful company is also one that constantly seeks to learn more. Therefore, it is only by treating every single experience in life as a source of learning, that a company is constantly fresh and contemporary.

Mr Goh still feels that there is room for improvement, he said, “We are trying to improve, hopefully in the next five to ten years we produce something better”.

The company’s drive for more achievement cannot be understated, as is obvious, everyone at Jun Yi Enterprise takes things in their stride; however, they never waver from their goal to provide better services for their clients.

Those at Jun Yi Enterprise are quietly confident about their abilities, as they believe that nothing is impossible in their industry. Mr Goh said, “When the services we offer are man-made, everything can be done”. This can-do attitude exemplifies the ethos of Jun Yi Enterprise, and shows that their success and
achievements are attained through a sense of self-belief and determination.

When asked about his source of motivation and inspiration, Mr Goh maintained that he believes in self-motivation, and that it is this very trait that has given him the drive to continuously improve himself. In addition, he also advocates the importance of self-study as he reads and learns from other people’s success
stories. Mr Goh went on to highlight that he draws a lot of inspiration from ex-Minister Mentor, Mr Lee Kwan Yew. Mr Goh elaborated that he is full of respect for Mr Lee because of his amazing ability to lead Singapore into a better age.

The ethos of Jun Yi Enterprise is most definitely one of selflessness. This is because a company’s success is largely dependent on the cohesion of the team, rather than the individual. In addition, the company also functions by the belief that “whatever you have, you share it with everybody”. Clearly, these serve a
didactic purpose for potential entrepreneurs, because every entrepreneur must remember to practice a sense of selflessness and generosity.

Furthermore, Jun Yi Enterprise is a company that seeks to continue to progress and move forward. As such, it is only natural for Mr Goh to believe in self-help and positivity, he said, “If you fall down, stand up. Don’t think about the past because it is already gone”. It is more than visible that the company’s philosophy
is one that advocates optimism and perseverance.

Ultimately, it is with a perfect combination of company philosophy and good service that has allowed Jun Yi Enterprise to win praise from people all around. It is also through these very traits that Jun Yi Enterprise will be able to maintain a high level of success for many more years to come.

Contact Details:
1014 Geylang East Avenue 3
#06-240 S(389729)
T| 6741 0456
F| 6741 1625
E| patrickgoh@junyi.com.sg

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