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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Sharon Wan

For many new entrepreneurs, they are very much focused on the operations of the business. As such, they may not be sure of the technical aspects of business; company registration, auditing or even tax payment. This is where Wan Consultants Pte Ltd, a seasoned corporate service provider, can enter to help companies and individuals.

Established initially by Ms. Sharon Wan as A&I Consultants in 1998, the company offers a wide range of business solutions for companies. These include advice on business formation, accounting, auditing, corporate secretarial services, audit, and tax services. In addition, they even offer trademark registration as well as CPF submission services. Their professionalism, coupled with their years of experience, have combined to make Wan Consultants a prominent name in the corporate services industry.

For Sharon, numbers has always been something she was passionate about, and she joined and remained an employee at IRAS for many years. During her time there, she learnt much about tax auditing, and gained much experience which proved handy later on. However, Sharon wanted more freedom and flexibility in which she can help her clients make decisions and help them achieve their business goals. As such, she decided to leave IRAS, and established the company that would go on to be known as Wan Consultants.

As her entrepreneurial journey started, Sharon encountered some challenges and difficulties when the company first began. “As we are new, we had to build up our own client base, and it was a little difficult at first finding new clients.” In addition, Sharon soon found that retention of staff members became crucial. “The turnover rate when we first started was quite high. The problem was, when someone new comes in, we train them for awhile. And after they acquire the skills to become an efficient member of the office, they leave and take these skills with them.”

Sharon was determined to make things work. Hence, to counter the challenges, she decided to establish departments in the company to maximize operation efficiency. “We established seven departments in total. Customer service, corporate, accountants, auditors, tax, finance, business development, and human resources and admin. With each department, we are able to process each client faster with less mistakes.”

It worked. From two people in the company, Wan Consultants grew to the current size of thirty people today. Till date, they have had no complaints from their clients, and they have forged a reputation as a credible, reliable service provider. “We have very clear principles, to be as transparent with our services as possible.” Sharon said. “We also implemented a quote-before-service procedure, one that will safeguard both the clients, the company and ourselves. Our clients know they can trust us, and we have had lots of referrals from our clients as well.”

With her years of experience as an entrepreneur, Sharon knows that she would never have made it this far without the support of her family and dedicated staff members. She also shares with us what she has learnt in these years. “An entrepreneur has to be tough, resilient, and decisive. They cannot give up easily. I knew I had to persevere on and be dedicated to my work.”

“An entrepreneur also has to be as involved with the company as much as possible.” Sharon further added. “For me, I ran a one-woman show, and I was very hands-on with my work. Every case from the first day till now was approved by me. This is to ensure that we never become sloppy, and maintain the standards we have set for ourselves.”

For the coming years, Sharon hopes to introduce more technology into the company. “We hope to establish a payroll or audit system that will help to improve the efficiency of our operations. In addition, as we are staff oriented, we believe in treating our staff right, and we will definitely look more into improving benefits for them.” Under the leadership of Sharon, Wan Consultants looks to remain as a major player in the corporate service industry for the years to come.

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8@Tradehub21 S(609964)
T| 6563 9208
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E| service@wanconsultants.com.sg

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