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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Joe Wang

Nothing can meet the convenience of everyone: we must be satisfied if it were beneficial on the whole and to the majority. Ultimate Vending; embodying quintessential vending services, seeks to proffer such a convenience to the general population.

Ultimate Vending commenced in 2003, with Mr Joe Wong holding the vocation as General Manager; micromanaging every single operation of Ultimate Vending, down to its minutiae. With more than 500 vending machines strewed over 268 square miles of Singapore, dishing up beverages, snacks and etceteras to the masses, Ultimate Vending is the pinnacle for local vending companies. As Mr Wong made intelligible: “In 2003, there isn’t much vending companies around. There is very less competition around. Ultimate Vending decided to join this industry, as it was a win-win situation for the society and me; we could create convenience for the public as well. ”

With every Ultimate Vending machine just around the corner; giving leverage to the definition of “convenience”, along with the myriad of variety of beverages and snacks it offers, customers are spoilt for choice. Along with more than a score of adept and well-trained personnel; assuring that the machines are well-stocked and well-maintained, Ultimate Vending’s customers shall be the ultimate winners at the end of the day. “It’s amazing to see that Ultimate Vending’s venture as an entrepreneur is one that is meaningful and exudes the right message; being able to contribute to the society.” Mr Wong construed with joy.

Life is not smooth sailing, so is entrepreneurship. There are always things beyond the control of human. Leaving the vending machines in the wild makes it susceptible to sabotage and vandalism problems. “As we proceed into the later years of operations, more vending companies had risen around us. It makes the vending industry a more competitive trade to be in, and we had to maintain our competency in order to pull through.” Mr Wong propounded. “Often, we would get prank calls. As our vending machines operate 24 hours, we might get calls from customers in the middle of the night seeking for help. Customers could get hasty at times. Customers would curse and swear at our personnel when they are met with problems, which are uncontrollable, even by our means, such as technical problems with instances such as coins being jammed in the machines. Ultimate Vending has one priority in our mind, and that’s our customer. We would always maintain a cool-head regardless what, and comprehend our customers’ frustrations and extend our assistance to them.” Mr Wong interpreted. Upholding the qualities of patience and endurance, and having the proficiency to resolve issues with efficiency; such superiority propels Ultimate Vending to the fore of the vending industry. “We focus a lot on customer service, we understand that in order to upkeep a good business, we have to put customers at our top priority. This is why Ultimate Vending offers a wide variety of products to satisfy our customers. We also replenish the stocks in our vending machines within a day, and we have a policy whereas if any technical problems occurred on our machines, they would be fixed and ready by 48 hours guaranteed.” Mr Wong added.

Being able to have more than 500 vending machines throughout the whole island under Ultimate Vending’s hilt is certainly an honorable thing. “I am happy that we have what we have today. I believe it is due to our good service which is appreciated by our clients.” Mr Wong commented with gratification. “What’s more, we are also able to contribute to the society.”

“Entrepreneurship is not about the money. It is an achievement. An achievement of being recognized.” Mr Wong established what entrepreneurship meant to him. “In order to attain this recognition, an entrepreneur has to build his company to a point where it stands higher than the sky, he also has to build a career path for all his staffs. So you see, entrepreneurship is not a job, it’s a lifelong career, not just for the entrepreneur himself, but the people around him as well.”

An entrepreneur needs a motivation above and beyond success. “To me, my motivation comes from my family, as i like to provide a comfortable living for them, i would push myself harder and faster to conquer whatever is stopping me.” Mr Wong paused, “Nobody can help you except yourself. It is a harsh world outside. But if you were able to have the persistency regardless of how arduous entrepreneurship is, you would succeed. You must not be afraid to fail, and you must have the ability to take pressures.” Mr Wong urged. “Know the route before you walk the path. This way you would not be lost or give up in the middle of the journey. As aforesaid, you need to have the persistency to pull through even if things get tough. You also need to have the consistency to show people your mettle as success takes time and do not happen overnight.”

Asked if Ultimate Vending has any plans for expansion, Mr Wong face lit with enthusiasm and divulged that they are currently undergoing an expansion. “We are expanding our service and development teams in order to serve our customers better. We are also hiring more staffs and employing more vehicles, with the same ultimate goal, to serve our customers better.” Mr Wong continued: “We are also evaluating to the prospects of expanding abroad. If all goes well, we might be able to see the Ultimate Vending brand in other countries.”

Contact Details:
184 Woodlands Industrial Park E5
#01-06/07/08 S(757514)
T| 6853 0307
F| 6853 0357
E| sales@ultimate.com.sg


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