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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Vincent Toh

Armed with the pure motivation to spread the teachings of Christianity to a wider audience, the Christian Communications Singapore set up CCL Publications to help further its ministry’s message through print and online medium.

Christian Communications Singapore and its CCL Publications are serious in wanting to spread the good word. The company hopes that CCL Publications’ books, magazines, and comics will allow more readers to gain interest in Christian education as the information is made more accessible to the general public.

When asked about his origins in the company, Mr Toh mentioned that he only became the CEO of CCL Publications because his superiors decided that he was the person best suited for this particular designation. It was with the blessings and trust of his superiors that Mr Toh assumed his current role in the company.

Mr Toh takes an active role in taking care of his subordinates’ mental wellbeing.
“One of the main challenges I faced was actually finding the right person. Staff members are not easy to handle and retain.” As people all have their own unique disposition and outlook in life, Mr Toh entrusts his staff with a sense of ownership and responsibility in daily work so as to help create a common goal and identity. “If I entrust them with important duties, and look after their benefits, this will help create a sense of purpose, and in turn, my employees will feel the sense of belonging to the company, they will see the company as a place to stay.” To further this, Mr Toh makes sure he is kind and generous with his staff as he is very serious in taking care of his staff’s benefits and views it with great priority.

Being in the industry for Christian education, Mr Toh stressed the importance of being unique and innovative. “It is important to carve out a niche market, and try to do things that other people don’t have.”One of the many ways include his company’s stance of addressing current affairs and social issues, such as the need to maintain a sense of harmony with Singapore’s rising number of new immigrants. Not only is this an attempt to stay contemporary, it also provides a platform to show the practical applications of Christian values in modern times.

With his accumulated success, CCL Publications are not planning to rest on their laurels just yet. Plan for further expansion is on the cards, as Mr Toh hopes to acquire land in Malaysia to open up an education centre in order to further the company’s cause to inculcate more people about the message of Christ.

Deriving his sense of satisfaction from service to his company, Mr Toh expressed that one of the proudest moments in his life is seeing CCL Publications make its mark overseas. He fondly reminisced that being able to place a plaque with the company’s name in Israel was a great achievement for him. In addition, Mr Toh also mentioned that he gains great joy and satisfaction in having the ability to spread the good word.

Mr Toh mused that one must be able to “learn from scratch” because running a business requires a lot of trial and error, and that a potential business owner must always be resilient and resolute when faced with great adversity. The thing that keeps him going is his belief in “sacrificial love”. Mr Toh stands behind the idea of selfless service to help and serve those around by championing the benefits of Christian education. He passionately said that one must “think positive” and “read more books” in order to motivate oneself in order to be successful in business. Only by self-motivation, that one can be able to see “every problem as a challenge” and realise that the a “problem” need not be viewed as an obstacle, but a challenge that one can be able to overcome.

To Mr Toh, “to stay tip-top, you need to be on fire”. This signifies that the ability to have a burning passion in one’s belief acts as a powerful vehicle for personal satisfaction and success in one’s chosen field. With this in mind, it seems almost common sense that CCL Publications manages to seamlessly blend belief and passion to achieve the success they have today.

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