TnB Global Outsource Pte Ltd


Names of Recipients:
Mr. Alex Bong
Ms. Lily Tan

TnB Global Outsource Pte Ltd (TnB) is the one-stop business hub, which proffers services ranging from accounting, tax advisory, and corporate setup of business.

In 2003, the founder, Mr Alex Bong, and his business partner, Ms Lily Tan, achieved their aspiration of this entrepreneurship due to their courage, hard work and dedication.

The slogan of this Company is “Trusted and Best”.  TnB has more than 10 adept and experienced employees who are dedicated to provide professional services to businessmen and companies.

TnB is proud to have gained the confidence and trust of our clients who have been very supportive.  As Ms Tan ruminated in her cheery demeanor:  “In order to meet the deadline for our task, we always prioritize our assignments and we leave the billing to a later period.  Customer often joked and commented that TnB is similar to a charity organization. Through our line of work we have met many clients who are so warm and supportive.”

Both Mr Bong and Ms Tan believe in hard work and that business needs a personal touch.  They say that by combining these two factors, Success will prevail at the end of the day.  TnB provides very personalizes services which are tailor-made to meet clients’ needs and expectations, by vowing on giving clients efficient, and satisfactory services.  In return, the happy clients would refer TnB to their social circles.

A judicious Mr Bong commented:  “Our business nature is to provide services to our clients.  We pride in having a supportive team who are willing to work hard to meet clients’ deadlines:  A team which is co-operative, friendly, helpful and independent; A team which is self-driven to strive for the best of our Company.  The laborious team has never failed the promises committed to Clients.”

Teamwork means Success.  TnB’s success represents the success of both the Team and Clients.  This is TnB’s management to attain Success.

TnB has managed to clinch the coveted OCBC Gold Partner Award for both 2010 and 2011 consecutively, adding on to the hilt of TnB’s accomplishments.  Despite this, what make TnB Outsource proud is not the materialistic gains and awards, but the ability to fulfil it obligations.

Hopefully, the SOE 2011 Award will spur TnB to work harder and to be more distinguished and competitive in the trade.  TnB also yearns for team members to grow with the Company and attract more talents to achieve their personal career goals.

Contact Details:
1 North Bridge Road #09-05
High Street Centre S(179094)
T| 6336 2518
F| 6336 5517

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