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Mr. Casey Lin

Being an entrepreneur is a challenge. Starting up a business with a ‘greater than normal’ financial risk is daunting. Imagine starting up your business, without any client base, and furthermore, without the ability to advertise. The task might seem too scary for most of us to undertake or even comprehend, but not for Mr Casey Lin Mee Huat.

Mr Lin founded his business, M/s Casey Lin & Company, in August 1986, providing auditing, accounting, secretarial and tax support for companies and individuals. Their suite of services includes bookkeeping, corporate secretarial services, company share valuations, management consultancy, tax practice and planning, and more.

Most entrepreneurs focus their time and attention on running their businesses and the fatal tendency is to neglect the more administrative side of doing business – this is where M/s Casey Lin & Company steps in to resuscitate and to add value.

For Mr Lin, entrepreneurship is a term that is long familiar to him. His father was an entrepreneur himself. Mr Lin had the opportunity to observe and tap upon his wealth of experience, skills and tact. Mr Lin says. “I had the chance to learn from him the ways of doing business, the skills of managing companies.”

However, the entrepreneurial journey did not start immediately. Mr Lin bided his time and gathered experience by working at M/s Coopers and Lybrand for five years. His desire for more freedom, creativity, and the ability to help clients his own way, drove him to leave and set up his own company, thereby establishing M/s Casey Lin & Company.

When M/s Casey & Lin & Company first started up, there was a plethora of uncertainties. It was “a new kid on the block.” Like any other business, there was the intimidating prospect of gathering up a client base from scratch. Due to the nature of the business, the firm was not allowed to advertise its services, creating an additional hurdle for the firm. Competition was real and fierce. Mr Lin found his first client through a personal connection – his schoolmate.

The support of his first client allowed Mr Lin’s confidence to grow. The professionalism, prompt and “spot on” advice and wide ranging services provided by the firm helped quickly carve a name for itself as a prompt, affable, reliable, accurate, value adding and skilled service provider. This allowed the firm to gather new business and clients from all walks of life and strengths through word-of-mouth referrals.

Today, Mr Lin attributes much of the firm’s success from the relentless and conscious effort he put to establish close and personal professional relationships with his clients. Mr Lin believes this is what sets his firm apart from the rest. This “one on one” interaction with clients serves both Mr Lin and the clients well.

“Work-wise, we definitely have standards we abide by. But I make the point to make each and every client a friend, without forfeiting professionalism, of course. After these years, as a friend and counsel to my clients, many of them have come to trust and respect my opinions and advice. These friendships produce life-long relationships and are the best thing I could have gotten for my business. Totally unsolicited, but most precious.”

Reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey, Mr Lin also has this to share. “I always receive love from God. So my motivation is to love people, because God is love. Everyone is precious, the Grace I receive from God I give to the people around me, my clients and others. Throughout I have had the chance to provide guidance for many young people, to encourage them, to help them see, visualise and plan for what lies ahead, and what is best for them.”

Mr Lin further advises, “Passion, motivation and foresight….. these are very important. An entrepreneur needs to be able to see the end first, their destination. Who are your customers? What do you want to do? Then, to reach the destination, you will need passion and motivation. Without passion, there is no motivation, and there will be no drive for an entrepreneur to close a project. Only with motivation then they will work hard, and train themselves to think like professionals.”

Almost thirty years into the business, M/s Casey Lin & Company is still going strong. Mr Lin comes across as passionate in a career “tailor made” for him. Rejuvenated with no hint of slowing down and his aim is to remain this way. His resolve is to maintain the same high standards of service the firm has always provided in the past years, and at the same time, to be able to grow the firm’s clients to new heights. Mr Lin is well aware that the future challenges are new, diverse and always changing. “Younger clients are more prone to risk taking,” Mr Lin adds, “I hope to be able to guide them with discipline, and advise them on the various corporate compliances and to achieve their desired results and goals.”

With experience, expertise, aggressive passion and most importantly the intent on forging strong close personal professional relationships with his clients, Mr Lin will no doubt lead the firm into many more years of history of success.

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10 Anson Road #35-11
International Plaza S(079903)
T| 6225 8175
F| 6225 4612

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