The Nail Status

Names of Recipients:
Ms. Christine Lee
Ms. Mabel Ang

In today’s cutthroat society, having a higher education seems to be pertinent for one’s survival in the real world. However, one could never neglect the fact that the world’s top billionaire is coincidentally a college dropout as well. Bill Gates; the founder of Microsoft entered Harvard in 1973, to find himself dropping out to initialized his own company. So is Steve Jobs, the helmsman of Apple. In 1972, Mr Jobs enrolled in Reed College; located in Portland, Oregon. Mr Jobs dropped out after just one semester. Nevertheless, in 2011, Mr Steve Jobs has a net worth of nigh 8.3 billion USD. The aforementioned example concreted the fact that success does not require a higher education.

In 2004, The Nail Status was commenced. Best friends, Mabel and Christine, manage the Nail Status. Both in their prime of their twenties, does not possess any higher education qualifications. Through their expertise, hard work, and determination, the duo managed to flourish the business. “At that point of time, I thought since I do not have much paper qualification, then I should look for a vocation based solely on skills, so that I can survive in the society.” Christine contemplated. An optimistic Mabel then stated: “A skill will be with you forever. As both of us do not have much qualifications, it seems as if working in a trade that requires skills is the other alternative.”

The Nail Status’s conception arose from this inclination. Eponymous to its name, The Nail Status mainly deal with manicuring works and supplies. With only 7 thousand dollars in hand, every single operation had to be dealt with judiciously. Every single day seems to be on tenterhooks as Mabel and Christine yearn upon a customer who would patronize The Nail Status. “We would pray really hard for a customer.” the duo uttered. Through the years of operations, both ladies had seen the many faces of life. “We learnt to adopt from the ever changing culture of our customers. Varying from nightclub patrons, to housewives from the heartlands of Singapore.” The duo managed The Nail Status like their own business even though it doesn’t belong to them.

Through the faith and mutual support of both workmates, along with perseverance, determination and a tinge of luck, Mabel and Christine; along with The Nail Status managed to pull through their lugubrious times. “I think that in a business, what you are able to deliver and the customer service you provide is crucial to success. The general public would be able to see how worthy you are in an entrepreneurship, and would be pivotal to success or failure.” Christine professed. Contrary to the yesteryears, The Nail Status had transposed radically, Mabel and Christine no longer share the workload alone. Today, its manpower had quadrupled since the start, and its operation had intensified in magnitudes.

As The Nail Status proliferates through the days and years, it had garnered devoted customers, which had stuck by Mabel and Christine for many years. This is an evident result of the sincerity and hardship which the pair had displayed managing The Nail Status. “They are our valued customers as they had been our motivation to do better throughout the years.” Mabel enunciated.

“To us, entrepreneurship is a little sense of success. A success derived out of hard work and independence. You have to really work hard on your own in order to attain your goals, and you have nobody to fall back on if you fail.” Christine and Mabel elucidated. Christine then added on: “Through our family backgrounds; as we are not well to do, we realized what we wanted to be when we grow up. We wanted to manage a business, as we want to make a change. Our family background had also taught us to be strong and independent which makes us great candidates to achieve what we want.”
“In order to be successful in business, I personally think that you need to have the focus and determination to fight for what you really want. An entrepreneur also has to have the perseverance to fight on however tough it is if he wants to succeed.” Mabel construed. Christine rejoined in a serious tone: “It’s important to really know what you want as your ultimate goal, and work towards it. Success won’t realize if you chase for a target that isn’t there.”

The Nail Status do not have any over the top plans for expansions. “To us, it’s best to be able to maintain or improve the quality of The Nail Status before venturing out for bigger dreams. Hopefully, The Nail Status can expand by having 2 more outlets in the next 5 years.” Christine and Mabel concluded.

Contact Details:
14 Scotts Road #04-83
Far East Plaza S(228213
T| 6836 2005

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