Bollywood Image

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Sangeetha Devi A.

With the improvement in the standard of living in recent years, more and more Singaporeans have acquired the luxury to invest more into beauty products and services to boost their self-confidences. But it should be noted that not all beauty services are tailored to each and every single customer. However, one particular beauty centre, Bollywood Image, does exactly just that.

Established in 2003 by Ms. Sangeethha Devi A., who is a cosmetologist, Bollywood Image provides a wide variety of specialised services for all their customers, including but not limited to Golden facials, waxing, Javanese body massages, hair cutting, hair fall treatment, face lifting, foot reflexology, weight reduction, and bridal courses. Sangeethha also uses many natural herbs, Ayurvedic herbs in particular, in many of her products.

Sangeethha started out in the nursing industry at first, and her clients and fellow doctors started recommending her and her skills as a beautician. “I’m a person who likes challenges,” Sangeethha said. “I wanted more freedom in my work.” She did not want to waste the chance to start her own business, and she took the opportunity to do so.

When it came to naming the business, it was Sangeethha’s niece and nephew who gave the initial suggestions for the name. They were, no doubt, inspired by the Bollywood movies they love to watch. Sangeethha also thought it was appropriate, as she wanted to channel the glamour of Bollywood into her services.

With only her mother and herself working in the beauty parlour she later established, it was a huge challenge for Sangeethha to run the business while being so short on manpower. Eventually, through advertising and word-of-mouth referrals by her friends and family, she managed to gather a client base for the beauty parlour, and her business grew. Merely a year later, the parlour moved to a more prominent location, right next to Vista Point, at a larger outlet.

After a decade of operation, Bollywood Image now provides personalised services and is a one-stop service for all their patrons, regardless of skin type. Even customers with hyper-sensitive skin, for example, have unique treatments specialised for their skin type. Despite being the head of the business, Sangeethha would often make the effort to service her patrons personally. Bollywood Image even has its own line of beauty products developed by Sangeethha herself, a true testament of her expertise and experience in the competitive beauty industry.

For Sangeethha, her mother is the main source of inspiration. “My mother has always been with me. Running businesses – it’s in her blood,” Sangeethha shared. Her mother was an entrepreneur, and had lots of experience. She is the go-to person whenever Sangeethha feels down and needs advice. “She keeps encouraging me. ‘You can do it!’, ‘Be patient, and you can achieve what you want.’”

Through her experiences, Sangeethha knows just what to do when starting a business. She emphasises the need for financial stability. “You must do proper planning ahead, and know what you want to be, where you want to go,” she said. “Put in hard work, and you can reach the target you’re heading for.”

Sangeethha continued, “You should also have passion in what you do. If I didn’t have that passion, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”

Although Sangeethha is very satisfied with the quality of services that Bollywood Image currently provides, she plans to expand the beauty parlour even further sometime in the future. She hopes to hire more manpower, and one day, even go regional. With such a dedicated leader, Bollywood Image is sure to continue thriving in the field of excellence in the years to come.

Contact Details:
Vista Point, Woodlands Drive 44
#02-26 S(730548)
T| 6891 4104

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