Boh Loon Motor Co.

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Jeffrey Tan

With the number of automobile servicing companies, it is not easy for car owners to choose a reliable and skilled practitioner to work on their cars. One choice they should definitely consider in Boh Loon Motor Co., a automobile servicing company which has fifty years of history, a true mark of their resilience and professional standards.

Established in 1963, Boh Loon Motor Co. is now under the leadership of Mr. Jeffrey Tan, who fully inherited the company from his father in 1992. They specialize in auto repairs, spray painting, body as well as upholstery works. In addition to car servicing, they also provide car insurance, as well as insurance claims.

For Mr. Jeffrey Tan, as this was a family business, it was the one and only job he had. Working as a windscreen apprentice for two years, he then proceeded to work on engines and paneling for the next five years. But in 1980, as Mr. Tan became more and more interested in the technical workings of vehicles, he took on a automotive engineering course, earning a certificate in the process.

With his certificate, Mr. Tan was able to provide more comprehensive services, and in a move to broaden their range of services, he then proceeded to take on the instructor certificate in 2002, and in 2003, Mr. Tan successfully became a qualified insurance agent, enabling him to provide insurance services for his company.

Mr. Tan feels lucky that he was able to avoid many of the problems that have plagued other companies. “There are always little problems here and there, it is how you look at them that matter.” However, he noted that when they first started providing insurance services, they were starting from scratch, and had to work hard step by step to figure out what works best for the company and their clients.

With their long history, they have amassed an impressive amount of clients over the years. Mr. Tan says, “All of our clients are either returning customers, or they are introduced to us through word of mouth. For us, we very seldom do advertising, and we operate more on trust with our clients. Clients are very important to us, and we make friends with all of them. Any problems, we will go down on site to lend a hand.”

But in order for this trust to be built between the company and their clients, Mr. Tan knows they have to demonstrate it through service, which is a point of pride for him. “We have the equipment and machines to handle most problems, and we do whatever is necessary to solve our clients’ problems.” Mr. Tan then adds, “My engineers are all skilled, and it is thanks to them that we achieved what we have today. My customers, they put a lot of trust in them, and trust is hard to come by.” But for Mr. Tan personally, he would not have been able to make it this far without the support from customers, his wife and her encouragement, who till today works and helps with many aspects of the company, and his father, who was the founder of the company.

With his many years of experience managing and leading the company forward, Mr. Tan is now a seasoned veteran and entrepreneur in this industry. He gives us some insights to the industry. “It really depends on how you see it. For example, nowadays youngsters are not keen on automotive jobs, and would rather take up office jobs, because this is all hard work and sweat.” But for Mr. Tan, he believes that hard work is paramount to success. “For me, hard work is all about not shying away from responsibilities. So to be a successful entrepreneur, they have to be decisive in what they want to do. There will always be hard work, it is how you approach it that matters.”

Looking to the future, Mr. Tan is unsure of what it holds for the company. “As the government changes their policy quite frequently, it is sometimes hard for us to keep up with them. If they continue down the current path, transportation may soon die out.” He then further added, “The operating costs of the workshop is very high, but we are holding on. Hopefully these policies will change to benefit us soon.” With their long history, professional attitudes and expertise, we wish only the best for Mr. Tan and Boh Loon Motor Co. in the future.

Contact Details:
174 Sin Ming Drive, Sin Ming Auto Care
#02 -13 S(575721)
T| 6453 2232 / 6454 8768

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