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Names of Recipients:
Mr. Calvin Ng
Mr. Ivan Ng

Human beings are visual creatures; certain images and colors evoke an emotional connection, and while many process information better in visuals. Therefore, the usage of signs as a visual aid has long existed, with the first signs made of wood, and now with metals. Victory Signcrafts Pte Ltd, a Singaporean signage company with a long history, servicing the public and private sectors for many years.

Established by Mr. Ng Ling in 1957, Victory Signcrafts has had extensive experience in the local signage industry. Their services also include the production of advertising signboards for both buildings and commercial sectors, digital printing, as well as large format outdoor prints. From car number plates to HDB block number signs, the company has come this far due to their flexibility and wide range of services and products offered. Today, the company is being run by Mr. Ivan Ng and Mr. Calvin Ng, the sons of the original founder.

Reminiscing the origins of the company, the two directors share with us their father’s journey. Ivan said, “Our father came out to work at eighteen years old, fabricating motor vehicles license plates, and later HDB signages. During his years of managing this company, he would work until very late at night and we never got to see our father much. It is just one of the many sacrifices an entrepreneur has to make.”

Calvin added, “When we took over in 2010, there were no funds at all, we had to borrow money from our relatives. We also had to call up suppliers and request for a few months credit with them.”

To rebuild the company, both Ivan and Calvin started extensively planning for the future. Ivan shared, “We did plenty of planning and reflection. We went through our books and tried to find out the root of our troubles. After that, we took steps, one by one, to rectify these problems. We looked for ways to cut costs, and how we can reduce wastage. During that time, we had to work day and night to make things work.”

To place their company ahead of others, both Ivan and Calvin sought to acquire new technology that will allow them to complete their jobs with high qualities. Now, with the technology that they have acquired, the speed at which the company is able to complete orders is a point of pride for the brothers. Calvin said, “With the improved printing process, we are able to take on more customers.” “A lot of companies work from 8-5,” Ivan adds, “but we focus on the customers, we are committed to them, and we treat them as family. We have done many last minute jobs and urgent requests, even ones that came in the middle of the night.”

Their hard work and commitment soon paid off. Victory Signcrafts gradually took on more prominent jobs, and business picked up. Today, their proudest projects include the signages at Sentosa, Gong Cha, Sichuan Hai Di Lao, condominiums and HDB flats. With Victory Signcrafts being the first company in Singapore able to adapt metal embossing techniques, they are able to further improve upon it to better service their customers.

When asked for advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, both Ivan and Calvin have much to share. For Calvin, constant improvement is the key. “We do research on new techniques and faster ways to fabricate signages. It’s not just the boss who should improve, our staff members should do so as well.” He also believes on ahead planning. “The entrepreneur has to be the one to lead his people forward. By planning ahead, we would be able to improve production time and efficiency.”

For Ivan, he believes in being as getting the right people for the job. “In doing business, you have to have a good foundation, good staff members. A successful business is not made up of just one person. You alone cannot be successful, we need co-workers and staff members to cooperate.” In addition, Ivan also believes in financial management, and obtaining insider knowledge of their respective industries. “An entrepreneur needs to know what is the ‘in’ thing. The industry is always changing, so a business needs to change along with it in order to survive.”

With their long history, both Ivan and Calvin hopes to be able to continue the business for many more years. Ivan said, “Right now, we have a lot of work because of our one-stop services. But we want to achieve self-sufficiency as soon as possible.” With their commitment to their company and customers, we are sure both Ivan and Calvin would continue to lead Victory Signcrafts into another illustrious period in their history.

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5063 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2
#01-1361/1363 S(569586)
T| 6481 7465
F| 6481 0416

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