The Golden Space

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Umesh Nandwani
Ms. Sushella Devi

With the increasing stress prevalent in modern society, many have turned to various solutions to alleviate their burden. Some turn to friends, others turn to popular entertainment. However, meditation, a method that has risen in prominence in recent years, is proving to be popular amongst many as well. One Centre, The Golden Space, seeks to share their knowledge of meditation with others, guiding them on a journey to understand themselves better.

Established by Mr. Umesh Nandwani and Ms. Sushella Devi in January 2005, The Golden Space offers a suite of services catered to those seeking spiritual enlightenment. This includes intuitive holistic guided counseling, Reiki/universal energy healing, Chakra cleansing and balancing, past life regression, overall therapy and more. In addition, not only do they provide meditation guidance, they also provide supplemental products aids, such as cards, artwork, aromatic oils, CDs and DVDs. These work hand in hand to make sure their clients achieve the best experience as possible.

It all started with Umesh’s personal interest in the art of meditation. As this interest blossomed, he begun taking up courses in this area in 2001. After completing the course in four years, Umesh soon had the though of imparting this knowledge to others. In his words, it was a “strong call and feeling.” Meditation not only was to his own benefit, but now of others as well. Along with his partner, Susheila, Umesh established The Golden Space.

When asked about the origins of the name, Umesh had this to say. “The word Golden, it speaks of love, of universal light and energy. Also, it is also one of the dimensions in the Higher Heavens.” Susheila then added, “It also signaled our purpose to go on this journey.”

Although it was a fulfilling journey, there were challenges during the initial stages. As there were new at the time, there was little awareness of their brand and their mission. To overcome this, Umesh begun going overseas to teach, spreading awareness of the benefits of meditation, as well as gaining awareness for his company. This process brought him to many countries such as Australia, the United States, Dubai, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and many more. With more and more people gaining awareness of The Golden Space, the number of clients increased as well, a turning point in The Golden Space’s history.

But for Umesh and Susheila, what was most satisfying for them was their clients. Umesh comments, “Knowing that we are making such a positive transformation in our students and clients, it is really satisfying.” Susheila adds, “After getting into meditation, I see much more happiness in life. We see the smiles and happiness on their face, knowing that they are more successful and happy in life, it drives us to do what we do.”

As entrepreneurs, both Umesh and Susheila have gone through the journey together, and have learnt much from it. Umesh shares some advice with us: “If someone wants to be an entrepreneur, they need to persevere. They need to put in a lot of time and effort.” Susheila elaborates on this point: “They have to be very focused, committed, and disciplined, as well as possess the passion. Be sincere in what you want to achieve. If they themselves do not even believe in it, they would not be able to succeed.”

Indeed, it is truly a testament of their commitment and passion that made The Golden Space the company it is today, and what it will be in the future. For the couple, they plan to set up more courses, as well as introduce their centers to more countries like Australia, Indonesia and the United States. They also hope to be able to bring their name to countries in Europe and even Africa. Under the leadership of Umesh and Susheila, there is little doubt that The Golden Space will continue on this vein of success for the years to come.

Contact Details:
7B Craig Road S(089667)
T| 6222 5114


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