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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Jimmy Chong

People who ask confidently get more than those who are hesitant and uncertain. When you have figured out what you want to ask for, do it with certainty, boldness and confidence. Sure Solution, a name defining confidence, is a company, which specializes in the aspect of aesthetic dermal spa therapies, such as facial and slimming treatments. Initiated a biennium ago in 2009, by couple Mr Jimmy Chong and Miss Kang, leaders filled with credence in the future of their entrepreneurship.

Prior to commencing Sure Solution, Miss Kang was working in the relevant industry for a profusion of years, acquiring knowledge and skills indispensable to churning Sure Solution into a success. “I started the company as we believe we have what it takes, the skills and experiences to start the business.” Mr Chong imparted why he chose to start the business. It is child’s play to fathom why the duo chose this specific industry, as Miss Kang explicated: “Not only we possess the knowledge and experience in this industry, but we saw the potential in the industry. We believe that we are able to provide our clients with a certain amount of results and satisfaction after going through the treatments.”

Despite their assertiveness to show the results, Sure Solution was practically unheralded as the company was new. To make matters worst, the location of the business was not encapsulated within a range comprising of a substantial human flow. “We situated ourselves at Orchard Hotel, it’s a place that does not have any ‘human’ flow. The first half of our business year wasn’t smooth at all.” Mr Chong unraveled the predicament impeding Sure Solution’ progress. “We started telemarketing for about a year after we started business. We were once mistaken for an IT company over the phone.” Miss Kang revealed this jocular incident which accentuates how badly impeded Sure Solution was during its initiation.

With adequate brainstorming, and aggressive telemarketing, the plight looming over the top of Sure Solution began to disperse. “We provide free trials to customers whom we called, and they turned up.” Mr Chong said with a smile. “We also started advertising, and marketing few months ago.” Miss Kang rejoined. Sure Solution does not only offer treatments itself, but it also proffers professional analysis, showing clients results before, and after the treatment. “We also provide treatments which deem fit for our customers, based on their problems specifically. We treat our clients’ skin problems specifically to where the problem lies.” Mr Chong continued.

Without doubt, the spa industry in Singapore is exceptionally combative. Creating presence in the trade is onerous. Regardless, Sure Solution managed to pull it off due to its deftness. Customers who started treatment since the very first day, remains loyal supporters and patrons of Sure Solutions, a remarkable feat in the industry. “We had built a huge customer base from scratch. Customers are coming in from the word of mouth and referrals. To us, these accomplishments meant that we finally succeeded.” Miss Kang mentioned with jubilance. Sure Solution has also yielded fraternities with its customers over the years. These amazing feats one again further asserted the proficiency of Sure Solution.

“Quite a number of competitors dropped by, posing as customers, in search of more information in regards to how we work. They tried copying our methods as well.” Mr Chong further emphasized the combativeness of the industry. Nevertheless, creativeness is something, which cannot be replaced. “Entrepreneurship is all about being creative and ahead of everybody else.” Mr Chong explicated the pertinence of creativeness in an entrepreneurship. “It’s also about planning and doing everything by yourself. The future is in your hands.” Miss Kang also added on.

The couple has been mutually supporting each other in the trial of adversities faced. Hand in hand, the duo obliterated all stumbling blocks preventing Sure Solution’s progress. “She is the main driving force in the company. She is fast thinking and makes right decisions at the right time.” Mr Chong lauded Miss Kang. “I believe success comes if an entrepreneur is hardworking and willing to take risks. A good entrepreneur must be a focused one as well, he must know what he wants.” Mr Chong shared his beliefs to become a successful entrepreneur. “He must be able to build up a good network as well.”

“It’s good to have an idea, but one must do his homework, to do research before stepping into it.” Mr Chong urged. “It’s better to start young, as you can try again if you fail.” Miss Kang replied. The couple was also willing to divulge their expansion plans for Sure Solution: “We are going to open 1 or 2 more branches to help serve our customers better.” This shows the tendency of the duo to put top priority on their customers.

Through the entrepreneurial journey of Sure Solution, both helmsmen has shown that possessing confidence is pivotal to success, as they were able to get more than those who hesitate. He who hesitates is lost. The future of Sure Solution is certainly incandescent.

Contact Details:
442 Orchard Road #03-23
Orchard Hotel Shopping Centre S(238879)
T| 6737 8048

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