Maids “R” Us Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Graham Spencer

Due to the high cost and standard of living here, foreign domestic helpers are increasingly becoming very common and important in developed country such as Singapore. In families, typically both parents are working, and hence have lesser time to spend on domestic household tasks which should not be neglected. Therefore, domestic helpers have a very huge impact on Singaporeans lifestyle. However, when it comes to hiring foreign domestic helpers, the procedures and process can be quite lengthy and complicated. Maids “R” Us Pte Ltd, a foreign domestic worker agency, can help to alleviate any of the problems one might have.

Established by Mr. Graham Spencer in 2010, Maids “R” Us strives to be able to get the right kind of people for his customers right at the first time. Graham knows that finding the right domestic helper is essential in maintaining harmony in the home and help to lessen the burden in the family. A British national who moved to Singapore in 2005, he understands the frustrations of how the nitty gritty household matters can tire one out. Therefore, he is highly aware of what his other expatriate customers need and what they are looking out for.

However, what truly spurred Graham to open a maid agency was due to his past bad experience with a helper. After the unfortunate experience, he was thinking of finding a good helper. After encountering fellow expats who went through the same problem, the idea of setting up his own agency came to him. Previously working for British Telecom in a management position, Graham decided to apply his management and marketing skills into this business. Wanting a name that is catchy and easy to remember, Maids “R” Us was chosen, and Graham’s entrepreneurial journey began.

As most maid agencies in Singapore assist with locals in finding the right domestic helper, Graham differentiates his business by catering to a different kind of clientele – expatriates. With this in mind, Graham has taken his knowledge in providing solutions to his clients, and channeled it into the two businesses that are aimed at making it easier for expats starting a new life in Singapore. Maid “R” Us is significantly linked with the Real Estate Agency Company, as well as his Domestic Agency Company, Martino Group. Both groups are geared to making it easier and quicker for expats to find their dream home and settle into Singapore life more quickly.

As Graham had only been in Singapore for only a few years, the greatest challenge he faced was to understand the rules and regulations as quickly as he could. As the regulations are rather strict in Singapore, Graham still does his best to comply to the regulatory boards, by sitting for an examination to obtain licenses before he started operations. He believes in trusting everyone he works with, and to lead from the front, Graham has always been very hands-on with the company’s operations, and stands firm to the fact that one should not be afraid to do anything.

For others embarking on their own entrepreneurial journey, Graham advises, “They must be careful not to judge. Especially in my industry, it is all too easy. But it is important to remember that this industry runs on trust, loyalty, and respect. We have to listen. I would be nothing if I didn’t listen to people. One mouth, two ears, I have to use them in that ratio. Understanding what people are trying to tell you without defending what you know.” In addition, Graham also believes in acting upon one’s ambitions. “If they don’t make it happen, it won’t. They have to be willing to make it happen.”

And Graham is willing to do what it takes to make Maids “R” Us great. In the next two to three years, he is planning to open up to five new branches. Additionally, Graham hopes to expand his services to include sourcing for nurses and other foreign workers, diversifying his client base. In the future, Graham is also looking to franchise the company, bring Maids “R” Us to more people, even to other countries such as Hong Kong and America. However, he is adamant to set the foundation right before expanding. “The foundation, the roots, has to be put in first. We don’t want to be spread too thinly, our branches, if we should expand, should be of the same quality.” With business stability and growth, and under the leadership of Graham, Maids “R” Us is now looking ahead to the most exciting period in their history.

Contact Details:
131 Tanglin Road #02-03
Tudor Court S(247924)
T| 9186 6527

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