Konzept Design Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Shanty Chua
Mr. Edwin Lee
Mr. Ernest Liew

An interior designer has an enviable job; from a figment of imagination, they are able to turn this spark into reality, conceptualizing and building designs that will affect lives for years to come. One company, Konzept Design Pte Ltd, has continuously done just that, establishing themselves in the industry with their quality and reliable design services.

With their dream of being able to design the future, Konzept Design Pte Ltd is founded by a team of three partners, Mr. Shanty Chua, Mr. Edwin Lee, and Mr. Ernest Liew under the wing of 4 Walls Group in 2012. From a humble set up, the firm has evolved into a fully integrated design firm. As their client base grows, Konzept Design has assuredly gained their credibility as the preferred solution provider for space planning, professional site coordination, structural and architectural works as well as carpentry works and more.

Operating on a methodical ideology and synergy, meeting deadlines and ensuring quality have always been their priority. Recognized for their coordination, the team has been awarded projects of various magnitudes. They include designing dream homes, demolishing and rebuilding landed properties, constructing offices and refurbishing commercial clubs. To date, they have furnished more than a hundred projects achieving immense customer satisfaction. Furthermore, these projects are all acquired through referrals, a testament to their professional ability.

With the industry placing much emphasis on trust and credibility, Konzept Design makes sure each and every project is meticulously taken care of. “Creating homes for clients is a big responsibility and we need to take ownership for every single project we acquire, regardless of the scale. We need to build it as if it is our own home,” says Edwin, one of the directors of the company. “We enjoy the hands-on process and are very motivated. With that, we stay driven and remain enthusiastic for every project that we take on. Getting our hands dirty together as a team also makes the taste of success sweeter.”

Konzept Design also places much emphasis on their after sales services. With the aid of modern technology, the management provides timely updates to their clients on the progress of their work by sending them pictures of the project site to them. This helps to give them assurance and a peace of mind. In addition, they take initiatives to keep clients updated on the industry by sending out their very own in-house newsletter; not only about their services but also other relevant information such as new products in the market or novel ideas that will benefit their clients. Undoubtedly, their time and efforts in providing this channel is well received by their clients.

To ensure the competency of the team, all staff members would have to start from scratch and be involved in the company’s various levels of processes, just like they did when the founders first entered the industry. “It is an integral framework that the company has in place.” says Shanty, “This is to ensure that every staff is proficiently trained to handle projects of varying nature through first-hand experience in the entire process.”

When asked for the secret to their success, the three founders all agree that business partners should be bosom buddies. “It is crucial to find the right partner in business,” says Ernest, “and we feel gratified to have come together, complementing one another’s limitations and maximizing the potential of the other. There are times when we are so focused on something that we tend to neglect the others so it is important to have buddies around us to remind us of things and people that matter. This camaraderie is essential as it is this very team of people who keeps us going and pick us up when we fall.”

Believing themselves to be the creators of their own destinies, the Founders have set themselves as their own benchmark. Pacing against themselves rather than their competitors, they aim to break their own boundaries and set personal records. With a strong foundation now established for their business, the three founders are now moving towards a mentoring role, so as to focus their attention the company’s expansion. In time to come, Konzept Design plans to create a niche area in the industry, by designing and manufacturing their very own brand of furniture, making the company a one-stop design firm that creates not just houses, but homes for every client. With clear goals and sheer determination, the team is committed to the company’s advancement. From here on, they can only foster more incredible feats, keeping their business functioning and operating at its best.

Contact Details:
194 Pandan Loop #04-27
Pantech Business Hub S(128383)
T| 6774 1336
E| salesadmin@4wallsgroup.com

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