Kim Keng Guan Enterprise Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Ms. Joyce Jin
Mr. Winston Owyong

When asked about the meaning of entrepreneurship, Ms. Joyce Jin, one of the directors of Kim Keng Guan Enterprise Pte Ltd, had this to say, “Opening a business is not hard but sustaining it is not easy.” Mr. Winston Owyong, the partner of Joyce in the company, had this to add, “No matter what problems or obstacles that faces you, they will affect your goals. Find the right partner to fight the battler alongside with you. Either you look back and start complaining or you look forward for a solution and keep running,”

Started in 2010, Kim Keng Guan Enterprise deals with natural precious stones for jewellery and artifact. “Jewellery must be based on the 5 elements. Understand them, know them,” explicated Joyce about the characteristics of being in a jewel industry. “It helps with the positive energy and is a combination of science and technology,” added Winston. The pair aims to educate the customers and increase awareness of the public about the benefits of having such precious stones and how to use them and change individual’s Fengshui to have a better perspective in life.

A recipient of the 2012 Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award, they have now been awarded once again for the 2013 award through their recent achievements and success. They once again share with us their story to success.

It all started when Joyce realized that the current market is lacking in such an expert to teach them how to use a crystal or jade properly and harness the benefits from them. Hence, with an aim to educate the majority, and after a thorough search across the world, the directors managed to find a master, mainly to meet people and to help people change their perspectives and help them to find their purpose in life. “Knowing all the elements, my master will do the settings for the customer so that it looks nice as a piece of jewellery. With many people so busy these days, many clients come to us for an indication for the future. People buy our products for a glimmer of hope.” Winston disclosed.

However, when customers purchased the stones, some wanted results immediately. This was a common occurrence for the company and led to a number of issues and skirmishes when they first started. “They do not understand the fundament purpose behind the crystals. It helps to change the energy around us. From negative energy, it will eventually change to positive energy slowly. It definitely can’t happen immediately,” advocated Joyce.

In addition, with fluctuating government policies affecting Singaporeans’ daily lives, they have been somewhat affected as well. Winston explained, “People prefer to spend money on practical things like cars and houses first. As a result, after spending money on those, they are more reluctant to spend on our product.”

Be that as it may, with the spread of words from satisfied clients, the business began to expand as the company gained a reputation for its excellent consultations. Already, plans are in the loop for further expansion overseas. “We are going to expand to Guangzhou as we are familiar with the place,” Winston announced. Furthermore, they are also thinking of buying their factory and their own building. Currently, they are in the midst of planning a temporary workshop.

Besides, the company seems to have a comprehensive plan for their long-term growth. During good economic times, the company will be focusing on sales. However, in rainy days, the company will instead switch to securing more buffer stocks at a cheaper price to prepare for the surge in demand once the tide is turned. “Think of the customers and wanting to help them. They are the ones that motivate us to excel,” shared Joyce about the secrets behind their motivation to succeed.

Last but not least, the directors have something to share about the ingredients for success. “Success is not defined by you. It is indefinite. It really depends on how you see it, never stop pressing further, and there are never ending knowledge to be learnt.” Winston said. “In the valley, one eye is king. Always practice humility, as there are definitely even more capable talents out there than you. Correct your thinking and find the wisdom you need in life,”

To add on, Joyce remarked, “You must be understandable to your employees. They are the ones that produce the consistent results for the company. How willing he or she puts into her work will really depend on how comfortable they feel working for you. There is no shortcut to your destination.”

Contact Details:
112 East Coast Road #01-11
112 Katong S(428802)
T| 9116 1960

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