Immortelle Atelier

Name of Recipients:
Ms. Judy Tan
Ms. Vanessa Ang

The art of beautifying oneself through make-up has been experimented upon for many ages past. From red clay used by Ancient Egyptians to lead-based foundation used by the people during the Renaissance, the pursuit of facial perfection is still very much prevalent today. For those looking to learn the techniques of achieving a glowing complexion, or wish to be made beautiful by others, Immortelle Atelier provides a wide range of courses and services that will cater to any needs.

Formerly known as Immortelle Studio, the company was established in 2008 by Ms Judy Tan and Ms. Vanessa Ang. Immortelle, possessing a team of professional makeup artists, hairstylists & facial spa therapists, aims to bring the best ever beauty services to their customers. They are all highly qualified and creative, able to provide facial, makeup, and hairstyling services for various occasions. Their makeup artists are also able to provide quality bridal makeup services to create beautiful brides. Both Judy and Vanessa believe in delivering high quality and professional-class facial and make-up products so customers can receive the best treatment. To continue being in the forefront in facial treatment, they only use the best-in-class facial treatment machine such as the France-based Filorga Cryolift, specially designed for anti-ageing, aiming address a lot of such age related facial problems among the women.

In addition to providing beauty services, Immortelle also conducts grooming workshops at corporate level for employees in various companies to participate. For individuals who are keen to learn facial and makeup, be it for personal knowledge or to apply the skill in the workforce, Immortelle also provides such courses for them. Being a team player in the market, the company has also participated and supported a number of beauty pageant events such as Miss Amazing. Furthermore, the company is also involved in charity events as the two founders believe in giving back to the society and the less fortunate.

When Immortelle first started, the main challenge for Judy and Vanessa was starting from zero with no existing clientele base. Both founders had to work doubly hard in their branding and marketing of the business through excellent service, as well as the trust they have in their products and services. From there, their branding has gained recognition through word of mouth. Even though they are still a young company, the founders have confidence to grow the business, hoping to make it a well-known grand boutique and a trustworthy company in the industry.

Although Immortelle faces very stiff competition in the beauty industry, they aim to differentiate themselves with others by providing professionalism, transparency, and sincerity to their customers in their transactions. Many customers are not receptive to hard selling beauty consultants, which in turn casted a dark shadow upon the beauty industry. With Immortelle, the consultants are trained to serve the customers with their heart and sincerity in achieving the desired results together with the consumers. For Immortelle, there should be no hidden cost or cross selling products to customer, in turn, this enabled their customers to begin trusting the company wholeheartedly.

With strong ideas on how to run their business, they have similar strong ideas on what entrepreneurship means to them as well. For Vanessa, she has this to say, “As an entrepreneur, you must follow your passion. As a youngster, don’t be afraid to pursue it. You have to work in area that you like, put your best into it, have confidence in yourself, and be patient. To have your own business, it is not for a short period of time. A business needs time to build, to grow.” To further augment her point, Vanessa said, “You must have knowledge in what you like, you have to be good at it. Keep updating yourself, refresh your skills, and be creative in your work. Judy agrees, and further added, “You have to be persistent and put in a lot of hard work. You simply cannot treat it as merely work.”

Indeed, the two founders had the same philosophy when they were choosing a name. With Immortelle meaning “everlasting” in French, both Judy and Vanessa believe that their company will flourish as ever as a trusted brand to their clients”. With their gleaming passion and lasting determination, we have no doubt they will do so, and continue to lead Immortelle Atelier to greater heights.

Contact Details:
269A New Bridge Road S(088474)
T| 6557 2319

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