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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Alan Tay

With the increasing rise in new advertising and marketing media, many companies have turned to such methods to streamline their access to potential clients. However, one company, i-App International Pte Ltd, has taken digital marketing to a new level by producing the i-App, a unique marketing tool that no other company has since topped.

Established in 2012 by Mr. Alan Tay, The i-App is the flagship system of i-App International. A proud product of the company, the i-App is a specialized code; an individual can simply scan a company’s i-App code with an application on their smartphones, and they will be sent to their respective apps immediately. In this niche industry, the i-App is now already on par with the QR Code, while at the same time more streamlined in appearance and execution.

With its rapid popularity, i-App International has put themselves firmly on the map in a short span of time, accumulating key clients such as Shell, Star Cruise, Old Chang Kee, and various other Singapore household brand names. In addition, they now have distributors for the i-App in areas such as Europe, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia. Out of these places, Mr. Tay discovered that the i-App is particularly assessable in Europe, where countries such as Spain, Netherlands, and Italy are already used to the QR code, hence people were more receptive to the initial introduction of the i-App.

Becoming an entrepreneur has always been a dream for Mr. Tay. He jokes, “I was not highly educated, and when I first joined a corporate company, I have had to work from the ground up. Luckily, that job provided him with many strong networking connections. “In this industry, networking is very important. With this network, when I started i-App International, it helped to boost my own business. Within a year, I have accumulated a total of 150 clients. Without experience, without a network, it will be very hard to succeed.”

Of course, having worked in the advertising industry for twenty years, Mr. Tay knows very well the trends of the competitive industry. After brainstorming of various options, Mr. Tay saw the potential and demand for such an app system. The i-App particularly appeals to economically conscious clients; as they would be in control of the content that they want to publish, as they can change it free of charge anytime they want. In addition, it allows their clients to market themselves on a non-traditional platform, putting themselves ahead of their own competitors in terms of advertising.

Mr. Tay self-professes that, since the company’s establishment, Lady Luck has been kind to him. He elaborates, “I have been really lucky, and I’ve been blessed with good people. To start a business, and to sustain ten employees is not easy at all, but I’ve managed to do it anyway. Our team has worked hand-in-hand to help and pull up the overall strength in digital marketing.” He further adds, “Initially, our target was only 100 clients for the year, but we have manage to exceed this amount and got about 150 clients instead. This is an achievement I’m particularly proud of.”

Having worked in the field of advertising for many years, Mr. Tay knows well the road to success. “For young entrepreneurs,” he advises, “They must like what they are doing. They must have the passion. This will allow them to take the first step to what they want to do, and to be focused and positive. 1000 steps all begun from the first.”

Mr. Tay also advises against being too ambitious. “Many young entrepreneurs have this mindset, to move fast, and to make big money. But although you have to be great to start, you must also start to be great. Create a strong team of loyal employees, and you’re well set for the years ahead.”

Indeed, by practicing his own advice, Mr. Tay has directed i-App International to become the company it is today. It is a truly impressive feat, considering that they have been in operation for a few years. However, he is not planning to stop just yet. He elaborates, “We plan to establish a bigger team, with more programming and technical support for our clients.”

Looking ahead, Mr. Tay is truly excited for the opportunities i-App can bring for his clients and for his company. “The wonderful thing is, there are so many companies in Singapore, anyone can use the i-App. Furthermore, it is not just restricted to company use. It can be customized for anyone, for individuals. There really is no limit to where i-App can take us.”

With such an innovative technology and a monopoly on the market, i-App International has many wonderful years ahead of her. We are sure, with capable leadership and a clear plan of action, i-App International will be a major player in the advertising industry, for now and for the future.

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Ubi Techpark Lobby C S(408564)
T| 6749 3733
F| 6749 2073
E| enquiry@i-appinternational.com

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