Darshini’s Beauty & Spa


Name of Recipient:
Ms. Shanti Rajeshkannan

For many, entrepreneurship is the personification of hard work, sacrifice, and long hours. But for others, it is a way of life. It is inherent in the endeavours they attempt, the business decisions they make. Ms Shanti, the founder and director of Dharshini’s Pte Ltd, is one such individual. Knowing of business since young, Ms. Shanti has had an eventful entrepreneurial journey.

Established in mid 2009, Dharshini’s Pte Ltd is named after Ms. Shanti’s daughter. Not only do they provide the standard beauty services for women, they also have a men’s spa as well, catering to a wide number of clients.

Growing up and acclimated to a self-employed environment, Shanti has always envisioned designing her own career path in building her own business empire, rather than working for others since she was young. Inspired by her parents, who runs a food stall since her childhood, her vision doesn’t stop just at her, and she have plans for her daughter as well.

With interest and passion in the beauty industry, she first made headway by obtaining her diploma in India. Her first beauty and spa outlet in Orchard soon opened after with the aid and support of her family. But it was not always smooth sailing for Shanti. Besides her financial limitations, it was a challenge for Shanti to hire and manage teams of sales and beauticians.

As the beauty industry is always competitive, pricing strategy is also crucial. Hence, rewarding existing customers while attracting new ones is just as important. Applying constant strategic marketing and promotions skills, Shanti has attracted many new customers to her business, gaining a sense of satisfaction in knowing that Dharshini’s has provided good services for their clients, good finance management for the company, as well as satisfactory wages for their staff members.

To differentiate themselves from others, Shanti soon found herself and the company cultivating rapport with their customers, as she believes that interacting with every customer down to a personal level is important. “We need to know our customers well enough to truly understand their expectations and wants, and one of the best way to do so is to befriend each and everyone of them.” By doing so, Shanti has approached her customers as friends rather as just service providers, providing ample after-sale services, as well as providing regular promotions for them.

Shanti attributes much of her success today to her family. “Without their support, I would not have had today’s successes. When the time comes, my daughter will take over the business, as she is now already involved. Really, it is good to be an entrepreneur than to work for others.”

Looking back on her entrepreneurial journey, Shanti believes that there is still much more to learn for her. “The learning doesn’t end just because I’ve achieved success. For example, the industry is always changing. I would have to learn and evolve along with these changes.” However, Shanti does believe in certain things she has learnt. “An entrepreneur needs to have patience. Patience for business to come. Patience that they will reach their target. Financial management is also important as well; pay your staff whether you have the money or not, otherwise they would not stay loyal to you.”

Riding on the wave of her success, Shanti now runs other businesses such as an employment agency, providing Sri Lankan and Indian maids as well as coherent printing services. Across Dharshini’s location, Shanti has also opened up D’Men’s Salon, a business providing salon services for the males. But for Dharshini’s, Shanti is of course eager for more customers and increasing her sales. Under Shanti’s leadership and entrepreneurial acumen, there is little doubt Dharshini’s will do just that.

Contact Details:
67A Serangoon Road S(219155)
T| 6298 0272
E| atrshanti@gmail.com

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