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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Kelvin Kwek

Sungei Emas is a diversified business which activities include import and export of household furnitures, manufacturing and retail of its products.  Sungei Emas initiated in 1999, it started off with the manufacturing of doors for carpenters and designers alike. Throughout the years, the business had metamorphosed prolifically and today, the company produces their own line of products, which include a myriad of wardrobe systems to a plethora of furnishings to suit any needs.

In 2007, Mr Kelvin Kwek joined Sungei Emas to manage the family business. “I decided to venture into this trade as i wanted to carry on this legacy for generations ahead.” Mr Kwek recalled his decision made when he was serving his National Service in 2005. “Since when i was young, I had been exposed to the industry. Gradually, i grew interest and passion in the trade. It would be a pity if i had not took over the business.” Due to Mr Kwek fervent passion in this trade, learning the ropes was a breeze to him. Said Mr Kwek: “It was a great learning experience as i am able to travel to different countries to derive new ideas.” Under Mr Kwek’s command, a new and expeditious Sungei Emas was born.

Mr Kwek proceeded to introduce the OPSH brand name to Sungei Emas’s line of retail products. OPSH is an acronym and stylized term for “OPen Shelvings.” Mr Kwek specified: “OPSH is a wardrobe and kitchen furnishing specialist.” OPSH’s range of products include space saving tambour door systems to flexible storage systems which boast optimum functionality and modularity. “OPSH product line is created in house to cater to the needs of our customers. We also do provide interior designing to our clients. We are BCA & HDB licensed contractors.” Mr Kwek added.

“It’s an enjoyable process introducing OPSH and it’s ‘Research and Development’ projects to improvise our own products as it brings a sense of satisfaction; being able to make life easier for our clients.” Mr Kwek quipped. “Life as an entrepreneur is fun as you are able to expose to incidents you normally would not encounter in everyday life. Once, an old lady brought a bag of dirty clothes, mistaken us as a Laundromat shop due to wardrobe system displayed outside our showroom.” Mr Kwek reminisced with glee. “A customer once sought us to create shelves which are only 10 centimeters apart. So it totals up to 30 shelvings being created for the customer. When we went to drop by his place, it turns out that the customer had already removed some of the shelves and adjusted them to reasonable spacings. Who knows what he did with those extra shelvings?” Mr Kwek chortled.

These are some instances where one could not experience himself working as a blue-collar worker. However, there is always a downside to everything. “OPSH initiated when i took over Sungei Emas. Some clients were skeptical about our services as OPSH was still a budding brand.” Mr Kwek elucidated. “As OPSH products are still relatively new, our staffs require more labor and time to achieve the specific dimensions for the furnitures. Thus, wastage of time and materials in the process.” Trust in OPSH soon manifested as it perpetually offer quality products over time. “We let our products do the talking.” Mr Kwek expounded. OPSH’s line of products is also advertised on websites, magazines and in exhibitions.

In order to produce such proficiency, OPSH constantly carry out extensive research to fine tune their products. You wouldn’t send a plumber out into the world without a wrench. OPSH make sure that every single staff is well-trained and adept in the knowledge of OPSH’s products. “Customers these days seek for innovation and novelty. We often come up with new and interesting ideas to keep them happy.” Mr Kwek pronounced. “To be able to keep up with times, we move along with technology and improve our products all the time.”

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. OPSH has achieved success through many years of hard work by being able to satisfy multitude of customers. “We are able to blend in the mindsets of consumers who were looking for this service compared to when we first started off by the means of self-improving, research and development. Due to this reason, we are able to captivate the minds of our customers.” Mr Kwek made intelligible. OPSH has received much compliments and kudos from their customers about their services. OPSH also managed to carry out their first exhibition across the sea in Kuala Lumpur at the Putra World Trade Center.

“When business begins, don’t stop and never give up.” Mr Kwek gave his thought on entrepreneurship. “Entrepreneurship is a process to overcome adversities and make you a stronger person; one who never gives up. It’s also a charitable act, to do something beneficial for the society.” Mr Kwek also explicated that an entrepreneur should always have a vision. “No passion, no motivation. Motivation is something, which keep an entrepreneur going on no matter what. An entrepreneur should have proper management skills to bring his business to success, he needs to be humble and patient to earn the likes of people around him.”

Mr Kwek upheld his opinion in order to get a business running smoothly. “Expose yourself into the right pool of people, in a great environment. This way, you would be able to attain more opportunities for your business to succeed.” Mr Kwek continued: “Experience is what keep a business running in the correct path. Gain the necessary experience and learn along the way. Entrepreneurship is a never ending learning process.”

Today, Sungei Emas still serve existing clients, which consists of carpenters, designers and architects. Sungei Emas along with OPSH is in the course of expansion. However, its approach of expansion is idiosyncratic as compared to its peers. “We are not only expanding the company, but we are expanding everybody in the company as well. We want all our staffs to grow; we want them to self improve in the aspects of their promoting skills, problem solving and leadership skills.” Mr Kwek explained. “We are going ‘green’ too, we are looking into materials which are more eco-friendly as we want to do a part to save the planet.”

Over the decade, Mr Kwek’s family members; especially his wife had spurred him on to attain the fruit of his labor: success. A pragmatic Mr Kwek thanked: “It’s our team of management staffs which keeps our company moving. Along with business partners giving us a lot of their beliefs, we are then able to achieve what we have today. Without them, we won’t be what we are today.”

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62 Sungei Kadut Drive S(729551)
T| 6483 6833
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