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Names of Recipients:
Mr. Victor Tan
Ms. Jessie Tan
Ms. Tansy Tan

As the economy flourishes in Singapore, more and more people are living past just the basic necessities, and instead are pursuing the luxuries of life. Be it cars, apartments, or art, the demand for such are higher than ever before. Cosa International Pte Ltd, a company in the interior business, combines art with interior construction, creating exquisite lighting and ceiling designs that will satisfy those pursuing the finer things in life.

Established in 1979 by Mr. Victor Tan as a trading company, Cosa International shifted into the renovation business when opportunity arose. The company has currently has more than 20 years of experience in the interior design/fit-out business, signifying the staying power in the industry. Catering to mostly high-end niche customers, Cosa International currently specialises in the design and production of one-of-a -kind structural and acoustic ceilings, lighting structures, 3D forms, sculptural forms, printed wall features, and more. Creating many of the designs from a spark of inspiration, they work closely with architects, designers, building developers, and shopping centre owners to ensure immaculate, pleasing design, construction, and installation.

With its long history and track record, Cosa International now has its own team of veteran managers. Ms. Jessie Tan and Ms. Tansy Tan, two of Cosa International’s directors, shared with us the company’s history. “Cosa International started in trading, accumulated many international trade, and comfortably shifted into the renovation industry.” Jessie said. “We were doing interior design and fit-outs for cruise ships for companies such as Star Cruise, and gradually moved into the design and construction of more creative stuff.

“Clients recognize our design passion and ability to sync with their concept and so we are what we are today.”

However, this shift into the artistic construction field came with its own challenges. “It was a learning curve for each and every project. Our individual work experiences combined with the passion to learn new things put us in a better stead for self development and elevating our work satisfaction.” Tansy said “ we work with artists, designers, architects to turn their artwork and designs into reality. “In a nutshell”, according to Jessie, “ We are a team of specialist designers to the interior design companies”.

To perfect our role and our duties, the directors knew they had to take on the role of coordinators. “We had to meet halfway, be the middleman.” Tansy said. “One thing that has always motivated me is the sense of accomplishment, the adrenaline kick you get after a particularly difficult project.” Tansy said.

Cosa International’s foray into the artistic landscape soon paid off. Now they have assembled an extensive portfolio, from local to international. Projects include (in Singapore) Gardens by the Bay, Lucas Films, in Fusionopolis, Capital Square, to Egypt, the Middle East (such as Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia), Australia, various cities in China, etc. Cosa International is eager to amass further achievements. Jessie shares, “We are constantly on the lookout for new complementary products, mapping new designs, new ideas, keeping on trend by visiting and participating in Exhibitions. .

Being in the management position of the company for many years, both Jessie and Tansy have learned important lessons in their journey so far. For Tansy, the team is most important. “Good staff members are diamonds in the rough. We like to polish our own gems”. She also adds, “There will always be problems, but never feel negative about it. Every problem will come with many solutions, just need to choose the right one.”

Agreeing with her colleague, Jessie has this to add. “Never be afraid of failure. Must always ask ‘why?’ and never take no for an absolute answer, because there are always solutions to a problem. And as long as you have an idea, stand by it. Never be afraid to try.”

Under the three motivated leaders of the company, Cosa International is constantly learning and improving, with a passion. The constant pushing of new frontiers, makes Cosa a unique company, in Singapore and internationally.

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102F Pasir Panjang Road #07-06
Citilink Warehouse Complex S(118530)
T| 6276 9366
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