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Names of Recipients:
Mr. Joseph Ho
Mr. Kelvin Koh

Good lighting will convey the right mood and ambiance, and helps to enhance the architectural structures within spaces. Using the right type of lighting will also yields financial and environmental benefits. Yet, the importance of lighting is often neglected in today’s society, and that is when a lighting specialist comes into the picture.

HiiGa comprises of a team of stylish lighting artisans who are committed in providing and educating their clients with the best lighting products. The team sees themselves beyond the role of a driven salesperson. They are also green advocates who are passionate in promoting sustainability and the technology behind LED products. Just because you are green does not mean that you will have to compromise on the comfort, style and luxury of having good lighting.

The use of lighting not only enhances certain architecture styles, it helps to create an entire atmosphere. One good example is the Nike Factory Store, where HiiGa attempts to create a sleek and modern mood by cleverly using brightly lit exposed downlights to compliment the shop’s white interior. The use of suitable lighting is like garnish on top of a good dish, it enhances and brings out the subtle beauty of any given space without being the focus point.

When ask about the reasons for going into this industry, Mr Ho mentions that he has always been interested in how the right manipulation of light can bring out the best in certain architectural features. He even lists the example of the new LED lighting that does not steal the limelight, but adds a more stylish and contemporary look.

Mr Ho talks about the challenges he faced in this line of work. He had clients coming up to him and questioning about cheaper and similar variants that are out there in the market. He adds that while products replicas may be readily available in the market at a lower price, it is the quality check and the technology within the LED chips that makes that make HiiGa’s product different. To address this issue, HiiGa continuously pulls out new designs and banish the old ones to ensure that their lighting products stays current, fresh and contemporary.

To further differentiate themselves from their competitors, Mr Ho mentions that the team takes extra efforts in molding and finishing off a design before its being offered to a customer. The shells of their LED products are always texturized matt finished unlike the rest of the lower tier variants in the market.

This dedication goes beyond the exterior feature of the product. HiiGa ensures that their LED chips are of superior standards by not scrimping on research and development. The idea is to have customers place their trust in his company to ensure the continued success of the company.

Plans of expansions are on the horizon, as HiiGa is moving to a new place by next year. In addition, the company will be looking to expand their business around the ASEAN region, more specifically, in Indonesia.

“Don’t mess around with reliability”, says Mr Ho when ask about the idea of entrepreneurship. He goes on to elaborate that, flashy designs may work for the season, but ultimately, it is the quality and standard of a particular product that will ensure the continued success of one’s business. He says that one must not deviate from their values and directions. This highlights the mental fortitude required in any successful entrepreneur. In addition, Mr Ho also adds, “Don’t get lost”, he goes on to explain that a clear vision in mind will allow any individual to succeed in their chosen field, however, what will most likely derail a person fulfilling his or her vision is the constant distractions of the mind.

When ask about advice he would give to a new generation of entrepreneurs, Mr Ho says that they must find something special. What he is hinting at is the need to create a niche market for oneself in order to stand out in the world of business. Mr Ho also advocates the importance of honesty, and that all good entrepreneurs must be honest, as the main objective of a business is to offer the best products to loyal customers.

Clearly, HiiGa Pte Ltd is the success that it is today because of sheer determination and passion. It is with their strive for improvement and progress, that they continue to bring a spark into people’s lives, both metaphorically and literally.

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122 Eunos Avenus 7 #07-10
Richfield Industrial Centre S(409575)
T| 6282 8020
E| joseph@hiiga.com.sg

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