East Tech Glass Services and Construction Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Chan Yew Kong
Ms. Veronica Chan

East Tech Glass Services & Construction is a company that offers a wide range of glass services, from processing, installation, to the supply of a variation of glass types.

Both directors are siblings who got into the business because they felt that they could tap into Mr Chan’s experience of working in the industry. Mr Chan used to work for his uncle in the glass trade before deciding to venture on his own. However, it must be noted that Mr Chan’s life was not always a smooth sailing one. This is because their father passed away when Mr Chan and Veronica were thirteen and seven, respectively. Eventually this led to Mr Chan having to take on many odd jobs at a tender age so as to help make ends meet in the family.

Eventually, Mr Chan found his way into his uncle’s glass trading company and worked for almost two decades. Only after two decades that Mr Chan decided that he was ready to become a freelancer in the industry. However, that did not work out so well and it forced Mr Chan to have to figure out his next move.

Mr Chan always held his head up high, even after going through many more difficulties, including having only $3000 in the bank at one point. However, it was with this fighting spirit that things starting looking up when he engaged the help of his sister, Veronica, to join her in the business in 2005.

It is only with the siblings at the helm, that their true journey to success begins. Veronica mentioned that one must always stay positive and focused while facing hardship. This is fully exemplified by Mr Chan’s sheer grit and determination in life, and with Veronica’s help, the siblings have achieved success in their chosen field.

It is perhaps due to the Chans’ storied journey that they feel a sense of affinity with their employees. This is the reason why they sponsor their foreign staff with flights to their respective countries once every two years. In addition to that, their staff welfare benefits extend to the company providing better housing needs and upgrading courses. This will ensure a more holistic welfare, as the company seeks to take care of their staff’s emotional health, as well as their practical skills.

Furthermore, their tenacity for perfection is highlighted, as they will sincerely attempt to fulfill their customers’ request as best as possible. Moreover, they mentioned that they choose to stay in the solution, rather than dwell on the problem. This, according to the Chans, will see the company become more efficient to suit the fast-paced environment of the industry.

Plans of expansion are on the horizon, as East Tech plans to get a new plot of land to develop a brand new factory so as to expand their reach to include a wider customer base. In addition, the company also hopes to bring their services overseas.

“You have to try, because nothing is impossible”, Mr Chan said when asked about the necessary quality that each successful businessperson must possess. He went on to elaborate that the ability to belief in oneself is an important quality for everyone. This is because it will allow a person to see a silver lining beyond all the obstacles in life. It is by being able to see a silver lining that people will believe in the best and work hard. Veronica added that a successful businessperson is always humble and sincere. This is due to the fact that there is no end to learning and that a businessperson must always be open to new ideas so as to stay abreast of the changing times.

Evidently, East Tech Glass Services & Construction is the symbol of achievement today due to sheer grit, positive thinking, and a sense of bond between employer and employee. With the combination of these traits, it is only natural that success will follow East Tech in their journey onwards.

Contact Details:
Blk 1080 Eunos Avenue 7
#01-161 S(409583)
T| 6746 6869
F| 6741 1057
E| etg.purchase@yahoo.com.sg

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