Scarlet Ace Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Jane Ang

Light fittings to bathroom fittings are services offered by Scarlet Ace to provide the needed aesthetic beauty that each person rightfully deserves.

The company’s tagline is “inspiration for every space”, and looking at the wide array of products and services, it is only obvious that they believe in their vision. Scarlet Ace is a company that seeks to not only provide the necessities to its customers; they also seek to provide a quality of life. This quality of life comes from the functionality provided by the company’s services, moreover, Scarlet Ace also seek to give their customers a sense of inspiration from their services and products. The desire to marry functionality and aesthetics is one of the many unique traits of the company.

When asked about the reasons for choosing to go into business, Jane mentioned that she comes from a family of business people. She elaborated that her brother owns a bike shop, while her sister owns a hardware shop. As such, it is almost natural for Jane to enter into the world of entrepreneurship.

Jane talked about the challenges she faced when she first went into business. She mentioned that she acquired knowledge from many of her suppliers because she majored in civil engineering, an area not related to her chosen field of work. Jane highlighted that the success of a business is directly related to the amount of hard work a person and the team is willing to put in. She said, “you cannot wait for things to come to you”, this clearly illustrates the can-do attitude exemplified by everyone at Scarlet Ace.

Furthermore, while many will pounce onto the idea of “luck” being a major determinant in business, Jane mentioned that luck is only when hard work meets opportunity. She said that it was the company’s good luck that BTOs and condominiums started taking root in the northern area of Singapore. However, it was the hard work of her whole team that allowed Scarlet Ace to make full use of this golden opportunity.

Scarlet Ace is distinctive because of their goal to make all customers feel a sense of happiness and inspiration. Jane talked about this topic with much enthusiasm as she said that she intends for this to happen by offering customers the ability to customize their own products. Most importantly, Jane mentioned that a good attitude in service is of utmost importance when it comes to business. Scarlet Ace work very hard to get rid of the usual impersonality associated with business transactions. As such, they seek to replace it with a friendly and warm one, so as to offer a holistically pleasant experience for customers.

Always humble and down-to-earth, Jane mentioned that the company still has much to learn in the coming years. Clearly, her success so far in the industry has not gotten to her head; ostensibly, it has made her more strong-willed as she prides herself on gaining more success in the future.

“You really have to hold on and find your footing”, Jane said with regards to the meaning of entrepreneurship. Underlining this quote is a belief in hard work and determination; these two qualities are the deciding factors for success. The fire of determination and hard work builds a sense of belief in oneself to aspire towards success regardless of the ups and downs in business.

To Scarlet Ace, success in business also means the ability to be more socially responsible to the larger community. For example, the company provides their services to Beyond Social Services, installing ceiling fans and instant heaters. This is done so that the children will be able to get a better environment for their studies.

When asked about the necessary qualities needed for success in the world of business, Jane simply said, “Passion and integrity”. With these two qualities, an entrepreneur will be able to ensure that he or she is responsible and trustworthy. On top of that, a person who has integrity and passion will be able to deliver promises made to customers.

Moreover, Jane mentioned one must be willing to sacrifice a few years in order to slowly yield the rewards of the hard work put in. Clearly, Jane knows that setting up a business is no easy feat, and urge all potential entrepreneur to be hard working and patient, as success only comes for the most driven of individuals.

Ultimately, the success of Scarlet Ace is a guarantee because of the undying perseverance and determination of their whole team. It is only by perfecting their craft and sticking to their beliefs that Scarlet Ace is the success that we see today.

Contact Details:
726 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
#01-4150 S(560726)
T| 6452 5979
F| 6452 5752

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