Shin Yong Construction Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Chris Toh

If you have been to the Singapore Zoological Gardens or Night Safari, you will probably have noticed that the animals’ enclosures more resemble their natural habitats than cages. A group of dedicated people put in hours of hard work and effort in order to come up with a comfortable environment for animals to be closer to their natural elements. One such group is the people working in Shin Yong Construction, where they seek to ensure that their construction services are done to near perfection.

Shin Yong Construction’s portfolio speaks for itself. Think about the baboon enclosure in the Singapore Zoo, the crocodile enclosure, and even the open restroom concept in the Singapore Zoo, they were all carefully constructed by the skillful and dedicated people at Shin Yong. In addition, Mr Toh’s company also constructed many of the enclosures in Night Safari, more importantly; they were also the ones who built the front entrance to the Night Safari itself.

Evidently, Shin Yong Construction is no stranger to big and high exposure projects. However, unknown to many, Mr Toh has his fair share of challenges. He stated the changing of times and Singapore’s ageing workforce to be the main challenges he faces at work. For those problems, Mr Toh said that he advocates lifelong learning for his staff. This is because through lifelong learning, the aging workers will be able to stay abreast of current times, as such; it will facilitate an ever-contemporary culture within the company. It is only with a contemporary culture that those at Shin Yong are able to come up with services that remain relevant in an ever-changing society.

In addition, Shin Yong Construction is a company that serves with pride as they refuse to outsource their services. “Whatever we can do, we do”, Mr Toh said in reply to the idea of outsourcing. It is Mr Toh’s mantra and ethos that one must always be self-sufficient in the world of business. In addition, he mentioned that it is by his company’s “one-stop” concept that they are able to accomplish more and gain the trust of clients.

Mr Toh wishes to venture into more areas in the next five years. For example, he hopes to expand into design and build for residential spaces. Moreover, he hopes to provide more services for the public sector in the coming years.

When asked about his proudest business achievements to date, Mr Toh mentioned that being commissioned to take on the project at Night Safari to be a highlight. Mr Toh mentioned that he felt honored to be asked to build parts of the Night Safari. This is because it shows the faith that the authorities have in them, as such, it is a true endorsement of the company.

Mr Toh said, “one must have an open mind, and you have to learn to adapt to change”. It is this idea that has kept Mr Toh going for so many years in the industry. As such, what can clearly be said for Mr Toh is that he views everyday as a new day, and it is only by opening himself up to new experiences that he is able to constantly reinvent himself and his company to adapt to the times.

“If there is any problem, fix it, or else you will be heading down the wrong path”, Mr Toh advices potential entrepreneurs. He explained that it is much better to be aware of one’s mistake rather than allowing for one’s mistake to escalate into something bad. Mr Toh went on to emphasize the importance of planning ahead, and being able to be far-sighted in life. He said that the ability to plan ahead is essential because it allows a person to be able to do damage control or take precautions before anything bad happens.

Ultimately, what can be said is that the success of Shin Yong Construction is certainly well earned. With knowledge, sound business acumen, and the ability to change with the times, Mr Toh’s Shin Yong Construction will undoubtedly continue the journey towards more success for many more years to come.

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