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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Adrian Heng

As an adolescent, Mr Adrian Heng’s parents would send him to drawing classes. This had helped Mr Heng cultivate and enriched his passion for drawing, a passion that would help attain his lifelong ambition. Mr Heng then went onto learn the technical aspects of drawings and fabrication of small scale woodwork in Secondary school. Soon, he became conscious of his ambition. Mr Heng then advanced to graduate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art with a Degree in Interior Designing; augmenting his love for interior designing along the way. Mr Heng proceeded to work as a freelance interior designer while he was serving his National Service. Every single day brings Mr Heng one-step closer to his intent; to be an interior designer.

Years of piled up hard work had allowed Mr Heng to surmount all manners of difficulties, which came between him and his desired aspiration. Mr Heng had been merited a vocation he had been yearning for years; working as an interior designer. Despite so, Mr Heng had a feeling of melancholy.

“It’s certainly a misery for me. I had attained my lifelong ambition, but somehow, i couldn’t derive any joy from my achievement.” Mr Heng divulged. “As I was working for other firms, my own personal designs and recognition isn’t exactly mine. It goes to the company I am working for. I like interior designing as a passion or interest, and I can’t get any joy under such factors.” It was then when Mr Heng realized, he did not want to be an interior designer from the start. Mr Heng aspires to be a top-notch interior designer; by the means of being an entrepreneur – one who would work for his own recognition and credit.

In 1999, Spaceone Interior Design Consultancy came into effectuation rooted from Mr Heng’s fervid passion to be an entrepreneur. “It is certainly a harsh experience starting out my own business.” Mr Heng contemplated. As the company was very new, Spaceone Interior Design was not prominent in the industry. “As a result, it was tough as I did not have enough capital for marketing purposes. My only marketing tool is restricted to the word of mouth from friends and relatives.” Mr Heng added.

Anyone can be an interior designer. Success comes in doing it without cutting corners. In order to accomplish this, Mr Heng takes priority on ameliorating his workmanship. In return, a mutual trust has been formed between Mr Heng and his clients. “Over the years, i had received many referrals from my customers. It’s my pride and joy to receive such recognition from them.” Mr Heng mused; he also stressed: “I do want to make money, but I do not compromise my design quality.”

Spaceone is christened on the basis where “One” represents that the firm is superintended with just Mr Heng alone. “Space represents a plethora of things; atmosphere, environment, emotions.” Mr Heng stated. “I chose this name because it’s simple; I do not want to opt for a fancy name as I like to let my work speak for themselves.”

Quality over quantity has been Mr Heng’s ultimate precept over the years. That is why Spaceone Interior Design remains as an one man show for over more than a decade of its operations. Mr Heng puts customer satisfaction and convenience as his prime concern; being a resplendent designer means that customers could put their trust in Mr Heng. “I select my own sets of furnishings; carpets, lighting, fabrics. Customers can just sit back and relax, they just have to bring in their luggages after completion.” Mr Heng added.

What Spaceone Interior Design Consultancy proffers then is not just a service, but a service that’s personal. A designer proffers service for clients to fulfill their ideal home. “That’s the job of a designer. I am a designer, so I ought to do the best I could.” Mr Heng remarked with enthusiasm.

Commercializing, or expansion for the sake of fiscal gains in the interior designing industry is considered as being a taboo. Interior designing firms often find themselves compromising on quality assurance due to this vexation. It’s a different story for Mr Heng; who wanted to keep interior designing a “personalized” service for his clients. “Given the chance, I certainly would like to expand. But I would like to keep things small. Interior designing is a personal thing.”

“Entrepreneurship is all about setting up your own business, with you in the captain seat. It’s the pleasure to work at something that you are passionate about. You are not really working if you like what you do. You are getting pleasure out of it, enjoying the moment.” Mr Heng defined what entrepreneurship meant to him.

“To me, inspiration is a state of mind. Anything could be an inspiration, buildings, cultures, places, and foreign countries. Interior trends die out really fast, my ultimate goal is to make interior designs timeless; impossible to go out of trend.” Mr Heng responded on his inspiration. “What really motivates me is when i see my works featured in publications; magazines, newspapers, televisions. It shows that my work has been recognized.”

Mr Heng upheld his opinion for aspiring interior designers: “In this industry, it’s important to be humble. Nobody likes to talk to a conceited designer. It’s also important to have the right attitude; it helps make understanding clients easier. Interior designing is a never ending learning process.” He also added: “Appreciate your customers, everybody is equal.”

“Go ahead and try! Go all the way!” an enthusiastic Mr Heng exclaimed. “You have got nothing to lose when you are young. So why not venture and appreciate the marvels of an entrepreneurship?”

Mr Heng finally found his pride and joy in interior designing; being an entrepreneur. What he acquired from this arduous entrepreneurship journey is satisfaction. Entrepreneurship is a feeling, which could not be measured by monetary value. Mr Heng put his thoughts into words: “Satisfaction is the happiness when my clients when they are satisfied with my work. It’s a mutual feeling. The smiles on their faces explicitly display their gratitude, their appreciation given to me. Money can’t buy all these.”

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