Commercial Investigations LLP


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Vincent Tan

Ask a person on the streets what he or she thinks about a private investigator, chances are, the image will be of a person constantly looking through a magnifying glass. However, that cannot be further from the truth. A real private investigator is an individual who will have passed a course approved by the Singapore Police Force.

Furthermore, the private investigator is a highly trained individual skilled in myriads of different investigation methods. It is only through hours and hours of training that a person is able to become an officially certified private investigator in Singapore. Clearly, the stereotypical idea of a private investigator as the sleuth or Dick Tracy is not only fictional; it is highly untrue. As it can clearly be seen, the role of the investigator is one that is highly dynamic and also one steeped in training.

Mr Tan’s Commercial Investigations LLP is an officially certified Private Investigation Agency with a well-trained and full-time staff. Among the many services offered by Mr Tan’s company, their most sought after services tend to be matrimonial and commercial cases.

With regards to matrimonial services, Mr Tan mentioned that his team of investigators is often tasked with catching cheating spouses. While to many, it may suggest that Mr Tan’s company is trying to break up a marriage, Mr Tan suggests otherwise. He said, “we are not trying to break up a marriage, instead, we are trying to help couples work through their difficulties by at least getting to the truth”. What is evident is that Mr Tan’s company focuses on the fact that couples have certain difficulties, however, a resolution cannot be reached if the truth is not out in the open. Therefore, Commercial Investigation LLP steps in to become a mediating force between a couple in dispute.

In addition, Commercial Investigations LLP’s focus on commercial investigations is equally prolific. According to Mr Tan, his company has handled many commercial cases, from the area of intellectual infringement, breach of confidentiality, to the area of bribery, and many more.

When asked about the ways in which his company stands apart from his competitors, Mr Tan confidently mentioned that his expertise in investigative work is what differentiates his company from many others. He mentioned that this industry is one that requires a vast amount of experience, and that the twenty years of experience has taught him to be efficient at his job. Mr Tan added that it is only with many years of experience that he is comfortable with his work, and that he is able to get a high success rate.

In addition, Mr Tan elaborated that his company ensures that all of their private investigators are full-time and highly trained. He went on to say that many a times, people who become private investigators are only moonlighting, and that they are not fully qualified to take on the task of investigative work.

This sense of duty and pride is what keeps Mr Tan’s services at a high standard. This can be seen with the numerous amounts of awards and accolades that he and his company accumulated over the years. From awards for outstanding contribution in the field of matrimonial investigations to being ranked as an “elite investigator”, it can be said that Mr Tan has done all there is to be done in the industry.

As one can clearly see, Mr Tan’s Commercial Investigations LLP is a company that prides itself in the quality of work that they can produce. On top of that, the company is also principled in the hiring of employees, as they ensure the reliability of its entire staff. It is little wonder that Mr Tan’s Commercial Investigations LLP is the success story that we can see today.

Contact Details:
12 Prince Edward Road #06-18
Bestway Building Podium B S(079212)
T| 6225 9909
F| 6221 1131

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