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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Paul Yew

Aims Scopo International begun as the brainchild of Mr Yew as he wanted more freedom in his career. He further went on to say that the major advantage of owning his own business is that he is able to make the appropriate decisions for his own company.

Mr Yew’s company offers all aspects of space planning, project management and design conceptualization for both residential and commercial clients. In addition, Mr Yew’s Aims Scopo International will ensure that all clients are satisfied before the handover process.

As mentioned above, Mr Yew’s main intention of setting up his own company is to be free from all the constrictions that an employee will face. In addition, he also mentioned that his days as an employee were filled with much challenges. One of the challenges will be that of favoritism, where the employer prefers one employee to the other. According to Mr Yew, this is the major cause for internal friction at a workplace, as it will lead to disputes among people. Therefore, it is with hopes of a better career that Mr Yew ventured on the journey of entrepreneurship.

Being approachable and accessible are two of the factors that contribute to the naming of Mr Yew’s company. He said that he had the word “aim” in mind because it is an easy name for people to remember. It will allow customers to easily remember the brand, and it also reflects Mr Yew’s approachability and friendliness.

Always driven by a sense of creativity, Mr Yew mentioned that he draws his inspiration from areas as diverse as hairdressing and music. An artist at heart, Mr Yew seeks to marry all that is creative and good in the world into his own company’s services. On top of passion, Mr Yew also stated that his father provided much inspiration to him when he was growing up. This is because his father renovated houses, and a young Mr Yew often dreamt of transforming the four walls of a house into something special.

Mr Yew stated that he had to learn from the ground up during the initial stages of his career. However, the all-important period in his career, according to him, was the beginning. This is because that is where he was given the opportunity to learn all the details and be hands-on in his approach. The early days prove to be an invaluable experience for Mr Yew and his interior designing career.

Mr Yew mentioned that he allows students to fulfill their internship obligations at his company. According to him, these young interns can actually help provide new perspectives in the company’s services. In addition, this is also the perfect platform for him to provide an opportunity for up-and-coming interior designers in the country.

Clearly, what sets Mr Yew’s Aims Scopo International apart is the fact that their vision originated from the need to exercise creativity and passion. Mr Yew added, “Others work for money, but we only want to create things for our clients”. From providing a platform for young and inspired interior designers to focusing on creativity, it is clear that Aims Scopo International prefers to work with sincerity than for pure monetary incentive.

To see where this sense of sincerity comes from, all one needs to do is to take a look at Mr Yew’s life. After graduation from secondary school, Mr Yew worked as a tuition teacher and served as a police officer for two years. It is with sheer belief and passion that Mr Yew insisted on part-time studies in interior designing. It can clearly be seen that Mr Yew slowly worked his way up to where he is at right now.

When asked about the advice he would give to potential entrepreneurs, Mr Yew said, “You have to practice responsibility and you have to put all effort into your work”. This simple sentence reflects the principle that Mr Yew lives by in his own personal life and in his career.

All in all, Mr Yew’s success is obviously well earned, as it shows that years of hard work and constant learning have paid off. Undoubtedly, his passion will continue to see him soar to much greater success in the foreseeable future.

Contact Details:
14 Defu Lane 3
T| 6396 6797
E| aimsid@singnet.com.sg

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