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Miss Felicia Maisie Junardy

The human species is made up of seven billion subspecies each consisting of one specimen. A human being is so irreplaceable. So valuable and so unique. Our mind is an endless mystery, something which is not palpable and fathomable to any means of mankind; standing sovereign and impregnable. Comprehending the human mind and body is laborious, but integral for the finest entrepreneur; an augmenting way of life which allows us to learn something new everyday.

One could be forgiven for mistaking Spaboutique as a mere spa. Spaboutique is an integrated spa which yields an idiosyncratic blend of traditional and cutting edge, modern-medicine treatments which radiates solicitude to both the inner and outer beauty. It’s also a hub; proffering a wide range of services from massage, rejuvenation programs, detox to yoga. Spaboutique also host other health related activities. Spaboutique recognize the importance that both inner and outer beauty constitutes to the overall health of a person, in the facets of physical, mental and emotional proficiency. What it seeks for is to attain a trifecta for the aforementioned aspects.

The brainchild behind Spaboutique is Miss Felicia Maisie Junardy. Miss Junardy was previously working in an international retail-chain company where she learnt the ropes of running a roaring trade. “I got excited to see how the business grew very well. Over time i started to think why not just run my own business as an entrepreneur?” Miss Junardy reminisced on her spur to start out on her own entrepreneurship. “Some friends said that i have an entrepreneurial talent instilled in me and encourage me to start my own business. I am constantly excited to see new opportunities and figuring out how to realize them.”

Failure is the mother of success. Having convicted to start life as an entrepreneur, Miss Junardy had made attempts of initial foray into the entrepreneurial world in the forms of small business ventures. Despite having setbacks in some of her attempts, a jovial Miss Junardy would always take it as a learning experience, and ameliorate from there. Miss Junardy’s accumulated experience over the years, would usher in a distinguished success for her entrepreneurship.

In 2010, Miss Junardy came to the fore of Spaboutique. Being a passionate person, it’s awe-inspiring for Miss Junardy as Spaboutique allows her to interact first hand the unique qualities of every individual. “Given the chance to interact with other people for me is like learning something new which will enrich my life story. This was one of the reasons why i chose Psychology as my major education background.” Miss Junardy explicated with much delight. “Based on my personal passion, i was looking into a business model that has much interaction with people; which along the way, i find that personal well-being is the line that fascinates me the most.”

Being proficient in the faculty means that it is a cinch for Miss Junardy to have a grasp of both the human mind and body; a prerequisite for a superlative entrepreneur, especially in the personal well-being line. “I want to see Spaboutique as a gathering place for people to meet and experience holistic wellness programs.” Miss Junardy put forward her notion of Spaboutique. “The most challenging part of running a commerce in this industry is that we are mainly interacting with people, with their own uniqueness of personality and desires which are sometimes not easy to deal with.” Miss Junardy commented on the hurdle she stumbled upon running Spaboutique.

“In this case, i am not only referring to customers, but our internal team and organization as well. Working in service and hospitality industry has its fair share of challenge compared with product orientated businesses.” Miss Junardy continued. “We are dealing with others, meaning it’s a rich composition of thoughts; ideas, emotions, experiences, habits. The challenge is how to manage and compose all these factors to gain trust and produce a ‘mutual benefit’ for both the customers and organization.” The introduction and education in the term of wellness towards the general public would only come to realization if Spaboutique start working from themselves; it would be futile if they do not. It is pertinent for Spaboutique is in good shape before extending their services for the public.

Due to this stumbling block impeding the progress of Spaboutique, staffs and personnels have to put immense significance in building up a superfluous team to overcome the impediment. Having a team with a virtuous morale is vital for Spaboutique; a sense of belonging, a consciousness about their roles and contributions. Miss Junardy added: “Customer will be able to detect this lively soul. We make sure that every staff is equipped and involved in the business itself, therefore they have more sense belonging of their workplace.”

With an exceptional modus operandi from the preponderance of spas situated in Singapore, it is certain that Spaboutique is a spa with a difference. “Spaboutique is a spa with a holistic approach embracing traditions and modernity, addressing the wholeness of one’s being. Spaboutique first introduced its unique Quantum advantage in all its treatments followed with a range of health maintenance treatments.” Miss Junardy paused for a moment. “We are going one step with the introduction of nutrition and herbal medicine with its in-house naturophathic practitioner, therapeutic yoga and the new detox and renewal programs will encompass everything that Spaboutique has thrived for, holistic programs that address the whole person, inside and out. Our location and colonial building style is another unique atmosphere for the customers.” Miss Junardy remarked on Spaboutique’s distinctive location; situated right off the boundary of the downtown area; Orchard, along Nassim Road; in a colonial bungalow.

As a result of the lifestyle changes through the years, “Wellness” has lost its authentic tenor. Spaboutique desires to redefine the true signification of wellness, and deliver it truly and everlastingly to the Singapore community and beyond. “Holistic and sustainable wellness reaches far beyond the realms of aesthetics and fitness, but also encompasses how we breath, think eat, move rest and interact with our environment and our fellow human beings.” Miss Junardy glossed on the importance of having an all-embracing wellness of the human body. “In terms of expansion, we are looking into my home country Indonesia that is always been dear to my heart. We would love to introduce our holistic approach to Indonesia market and even to other countries throughout Asia.”

Miss Junardy puts pride in the competence of Spaboutique; being able to pull through the competitive environment in the industry and generate a profusion of fiscal for sustainability, despite being relatively new in the market place. “I am proud that we managed to create programs that can be accepted as a value by our customers. I am happy that the customers are happy, and certainly proud being recognized as the outstanding entrepreneur of the year.” Miss Junardy mentioned: “For me, what i will be most proud of is when i am able to reach my vision. But it’s an arduous journey.”

To Miss Junardy, entrepreneurship is more than simply “starting a business”, it’s a way of life. It’s a process which a person identifies opportunities, allocate resources, and then create a business concept. The key point is to transform ideas into economic goods through media of organizations. An entrepreneur should be a creative person who always find ways to create value for customers. An entrepreneur builds an eternal sinew with the customers.

“I would say i have passion of the nature of the business itself and together with inner drive to succeed, both qualities make me highly motivated and energetic most of the time. I also love to search for new ideas, and innovation.” Such qualities has made Miss Junardy a perpetual learner; one who constantly explores and evolves for the best. This incarnation of determination had helped her come this far in her entrepreneurial life. “I like meeting people and building business networks. To know who is in town and to be known is very important to the business. This should go along with building and brand equity.”

A successful business is a dream come true for every entrepreneur. “I think to be an entrepreneur, firstly you need to be a dreamer! Then take the risk to realize your dream. Once you are into it, make a commitment to make it happen through the peaks and valleys. I also believe a strong entrepreneur is resourceful, thrives on competition, but at the same time they are open to constructive criticism to improve.” Miss Junardy divulged on her perception of a successful entrepreneur. “To be successful, you have to conduct the business ethically and be trustworthy to your customers, partners and employees. In today’s global arena, you have to look at the globe as your market. You know, we have experience having some Japanese customers from Tokyo who spend most of their stay in Singapore in our spa!” Miss Junardy said with much gusto.

“Spaboutique has adopted Care, Passion, Trust and Innovative as our values in running the roaring trade. Attend to your customer’s needs and wants without respite. Always possess passion to business, people and growth. Earn your trust and innovate in the ever changing environment to sustain. I believe this is in line with the industry we are in, but i believe this is also true for other industries.” Miss Junardy discerned the indispensable values in order for budding entrepreneur to succeed. “Firstly, have the courage to do it, do not afraid to fail. It is the cost of learning. Understand what you want to do, preferably a business which you are interested in, scope around, get advice from an experienced person. The comprehension of the basic business model is important; the way it works and runs. It’s always good to find partners to work together; it provides a better stepping stone.”

Miss Junardy’s success would not be brought into fruition if it wasn’t for her tenacity, and the words of encouragement from her parents and family. “My parents and family were my true motivation and inspiration, especially my father; he’s always been a perfect mentor and role model for me. He is a retired executive who has operated multinational and big nation conglomerates with diverse industries.” Miss Junardy adjourned for a moment, “Besides my parents and family, i am also inspired by strong and independent woman; whether they are a role model in business, politics, or even in their motherhood nature.”

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