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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Patrick Teo

Part of the pioneer batch of interior architectural and design student from Temasek Polytechnic and still being in the industry for so many years onward, it is clearly visible that Mr Teo is largely driven by passion.

This passion has served him well in the years, as he is able to come out and start his own business doing what he does best. He mentioned that it is not about working or fulfilling a job; Mr Teo reiterated that it is the ability to live out his passion that makes this journey so satisfying.

ISD focuses on providing design and build services for corporate office and overseas consultancy projects. It is with has such a diverse group of customers, that ISD insists on a few basic principles in their work, which are, strong presentation and design, and professionalism.

Mr Teo talked about the challenges that he faced during the initial phases of his entrepreneurial journey. He talked about him being more of a designer than a businessman; he admitted that he made the mistake of not doing enough marketing to promote his business. According to Mr Teo, he eventually managed to overcome this challenge by bringing in a marketing consultant to create marketing strategies to drive the business forward. With sound marketing and positive reviews from existing customers, ISD begin their ascension toward success.

ISD manages to differentiate his business from their direct competitors; this is because they always provide a listening ear to customers. In addition to attentiveness to customers’ needs, every member of the staff enjoys the entire process of business, and that it is this love for the business that makes ISD so special in the industry.

ISD hopes to continue with this progress by ensuring that they deliver their promises to customers. The ability to be able to deliver promises is something that will help build a sense of trust between customers and the company. Moreover, the team at ISD is also more focused on the details of than anything else. ISD hopes to continue with the high level of cohesion within his company so that they can maintain their smooth operations. As one can clearly tell, teamwork is very much the major emphasis and deciding factor in ISD’s route toward success and efficiency.

“You must have a positive mind, and pick yourself up everytime you fall down”, Mr Teo said. Evidently, the quote fully exemplifies ISD’s business ethos, and it is this very belief in perseverance that ISD have continued with the success that they have so far.

ISD’s success illustrates that life is always full of ups and downs, and the only way to continue through difficult times is to be positive and persevere. This is because everyone at the company puts in their best effort regardless of the challenges ahead. Therefore, asked about the important qualities of every successful businessperson, Mr Teo said, “Be truthful, not just to the clients, but also to your own team”. Clearly, a combination of perseverance, truthfulness, and bond, will take a company to great heights.

Mr Teo also talked about the difficulties of starting his own business and said, “it is difficult but people seem to think that it’s easy to come out (to do business)”. He also talked about how the young seem to think that it is easy to begin their own business, and he also cautioned about the amount of sacrifice one has to make in order to start his or her own business. He said, “you must be willing to make a sacrifice, you will have to carry on despite the lack of salary”. In addition, the ability to carry on through tough times shows a willingness to see the long-term prospects in business; this will help to ensure success in all entrepreneurship.

It is more than evident that ISD’s success is fuelled by pure passion, love, and camaraderie. It is this drive that will most definitely see the company to many more success in the years to come.

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#05-27 S(486132)
T| 6242 1813
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