Earthwork Construction Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Ryan Lee

Earthwork Construction focuses on the construction of a basement and the installation of steel piles. In particular, the company focuses on the enforcing of strutting system, soldier piling, sheet piling, and pre-boring.

When asked about the reasons for going into the area of Temporary Earth Retaining System (TERS), Mr Lee mentioned that he wanted to create and build a workplace where he can attain a true sense of belonging. A family man at heart, he also wanted his new career path to ensure that he can better provide for his family’s wellbeing. These two reasons serve as major motivations for Mr Lee to go into the world of business.

Mr Lee stated that his initial foray into the industry was not smooth sailing. He mentioned that superiors frequently reprimanded him due to his lack of experience, as such; Mr Lee had little choice but to learn from scratch. Mr Lee went on to say that his knowledge in the industry is something he spent time honing.

“There will always be hiccups in business, we must overcome them”, Mr Lee stated when asked about the nature of entrepreneurship. It is this never-say-die attitude that acts as an eternal guide for Mr Lee. Rather than avoid or evade the problem at hand, it is a source of pride for Mr Lee to tackle a problem head-on. In addition, Mr Lee also went on to emphasize that the installation of steel piles is something of a niche area within the construction industry. He elaborated that this is an area that the authorities have only started looking into in recent times. This certainly differentiates Earthwork Construction from their competitors in the industry.

It is also with this very attitude that recognition started coming Mr Lee’s way. One good example will be when LTA approached Earthworks for their services. According to Mr Lee, “this is a great honor for my company, as LTA only invites established companies to take on their construction works”.

This stamp of approval shows the high standards upheld by Earthwork Construction. LTA’s endorsement helped forged the next step for what is to come. According to Mr Lee, “the most important thing in life is to employ the use of positive thinking”. He added that one must never underestimate the power of positive thinking, because this is a tool that will help serve as a big motivation for any individual to overcome obstacles in life.

Moreover, Mr Lee said that he must always look ahead and be progressive, because the commitment that he has for his family is too strong. He talked about how the love for his family is the most important commitment in his life and that his role in life is to not let them down.

Mr Lee mentioned that easy association is the main reason behind naming the company “Earthwork”. He went on to explain that not only is the name easy to remember, it also reflects the nature of the business.

Mr Lee mentioned that there is no room for self-doubt if a person desires to be successful in becoming an entrepreneur. He said that most people project self-doubt and say, “what if my business fails?”. This is something that he warns against because it will inevitably create pessimism in people, who will end up with a defeatist mindset. To this, Mr Lee said, “it all depends on management and how you look after your business, it is only when you do a good job that a business can be sustained”. As such, the perfect entrepreneur must not only possess an undying perseverance, but also an actual practical knowledge of the business in order to yield success.

With only a few years in the industry, Earthwork has achieved much success and endorsements from many who benefited from their services. It is duly evident, that this budding young star will mature and ascend to much more success in the years to come.

Contact Details:
No. 3 Soon Lee Street #05-31
Pioneer Junction S(627606)
T| 6100 6166
F| 6100 6144

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