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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Mike Kee

He who opens a school door, unlocks a door to vast opportunities and freedom. Being able to provide education is without doubt one of the noblest things a man can do. Sirius Training & Education is a local based private education institute registered with the Council for Private Education proffering and international students.

“Sirius,” the brightest star in the universe inspired the name of the institute. “We aspire to be one of the brightest private institutions in Singapore.” Mr Mike Kee, the Managing Director of Sirius Training & Education Institute remarked. Initiated in 2009, Sirius Training & Education Institution, abbreviated “STEi,” is operated by a team of more than 50 members and teachers, for one common goal: educating the public. “Sirius Training & Education Institute was started after conducting detailed environmental scanning on the private education industry.” Mr Kee gave his reasons upon why he joined the industry. “We concluded that the private education and training industry remains vibrant, to meet the needs of industries such as hospitality; private education and training could supplement government schools in providing qualified trained graduates to meet the manpower needs of the hotel and food & beverage industries.”

Despite the existence of private institutions being rife in Singapore, Mr Kee was unfazed. ┬áHe explains: “‘The pie’ remains large enough in this competitive environment. The main challenge was how individual institutions can differentiate itself from the rest in order to gain a large pie in the private education and training industry.”

“The Singapore government has, over the past few years, encouraged the establishment of Singapore as a global educational hub.” Mr Kee further denoted the reason behind choosing this industry. “Given these favorable environment sentiments and a huge global educational market, as well as the implementation of the Private Education Act, STEi seeks to capitalize on these factors to establish its positioning well in the education industry.”

Every business has its fair share of challenges; the same applies for STEi. “When we took over the management of the institute, there were very limited programs with only 6 students. The main task was to establish good relationships with partners and making the programs attractive to bring in more students.” This was accomplished without any hitches, as Mr Kee indicated: “We were very successful, within a period of 9 months, we recruited more than 360 students. The institute now has more than 600 students and it is our KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to enroll up to 1000 students by the end of the financial year in March 2012.”

“There were quite a number of challenges faced during the initial stages of our operations.” Mr Kee then adds to how his team managed to eradicate these impediments. “To increase the student population, we need to think about the strategies to make our programs more relevant. This includes discussing with the industry players on their challenges and needs and then develop relevant courses to train qualified graduates to meet their needs.” One of the success stories was STEi’s collaboration with Q&M Dental Group to provide qualified dental assistants to meet their human resource need. “Secondly, we need to offer more unique programs in order to stay more competitive.” To fulfill this, STEi successfully established partnerships with premium hotels and restaurant chains to provide good industry attachment placements for our graduates. “Lastly, we linked with more oversea institutions to increase the pool of students, to enhance the overall student recruitment.” STEi was also successful in this aspect, having resulted a boon of recruitment from these oversea institutions. “In conclusion, we have identified the correct, critical success factors and selected appropriate strategies such as growth, differentiation, best-cost provider and global strategies to achieve the set business objectives.” Mr Kee concluded.

Being able to enroll 360 students within a short span of 9 months is an amazing feat in the industry. “A 60 fold increase of student population. This achievement reinforced our belief that even though we are new in the industry, we can achieve our objectives by detailed analysis of the environmental factors affecting the private education industry, SWOT analysis to determine our strength, our weakness, opportunity and threat; and develop sound and appropriate strategies to tap on the opportunity.” said Mr Kee.

As an astute entrepreneur, Mr Kee sees entrepreneurship as the ability to identify opportunities and convert them into business ideas that will facilitate different ones from the same industry. “Of course, I think to be able to do so, one must be innovative, flexible and dynamic.” Mr Kee asserted. “When I see my students grow and establish themselves in the market, it motivates and inspires me to do even better.”

As a leader, Mr Kee’s team rises and falls under every nuances of his command. Possessing good leadership skills is integral to success. Mr Kee also said: “An entrepreneur must have self-confidence, drive, ability to take calculated risks, and creativity in order to succeed.”

Mr Kee also advocates: “Always have a proper process and realistic business planning to determine the viability of the new business idea in the current market environment.”

“The future seems interesting and challenging for us. We have set a clear and focused growth philosophy and spelled out the important milestones of success for the next 5 years. We will establish collaboration partnerships with at least 3 oversea universities offering under-graduate and graduate programs in Singapore. This is one of our objectives to enhance the academic path for our students.” Mr Kee indicated STEi’s plans for the future. “We will set up oversea training centers to provide foundation training to reduce the financial burden of our foreign students. We will also set up oversea representative offices in this region to provide better student pre-course counseling and recruitment. Last but not least, we will diversify into education related type of businesses such as hostel and employment agency.” As its name suggest, the future for Sirius Training & Education Institute seems scintillating.

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