Traveller 101 Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Andrew Wee

Traveller 101 is a travel company that offers tours to many areas, such as; Batam, Bintan, and West Malaysia. It is the belief of everyone at the company to provide prime services for all of its customers. In addition to that, the staff at Traveller 101 also value their customers and see them as friends who require travel help, rather than mere customers.

While their main focus area may be travels to Indonesia and Malaysia, Traveller 101 also provides travel options to Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and Hong Kong. Moreover, the company also provides a cruise option for its loyal customers.

When asked about his decision to become an entrepreneur, Mr Wee mentioned that it was a hard decision because there is a personal challenges needed to run one’s own business. He further explained that a previous employer whom he worked for had suffered from financial difficulties. To Mr Wee, prudence is of utmost importance, and as such, he is extremely careful to thread the line in entrepreneurship.

However, certain challenges are not enough to quell the passion with Mr Wee. He stated that he has always had a passion in the travel industry, this is because he believes that travelling is an educational journey that will allow an individual to grow mentally and spiritually. In addition to his sense of belief, he also highlighted the fact that he has much experience serving in the travel industry. Hence, his eventual decision to take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship is to unite his true passion with actual experience to give his customers the holiday of a lifetime.

A business is never without obstacles, and Traveller 101 is no exception. However, the company’s uncanny ability to weather the storm must most certainly be applauded. Mr Wee mentioned that the company has many loyal customers because they believe in the importance of offering good customer service. It is a strong belief that all customers will be able to find their desired tour package that Traveller 101 is able to attract customers to its doors. As such, what is clearly evident is the fact that the staff at Traveller 101 is not merely tour providers, but they are actually friends and advisors to people who are looking for their dream holiday.

There are many distinctive ways in which Traveller 101 is able to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Firstly, they offer good travel options at competitive prices for customers. The ability to do so stems from the fact that the agency is located in Serangoon North as opposed to Chinatown, where the rental will be much higher. It is by saving on rental cost that Traveller 101 is able to better offer their customers the best travel options but at a fraction of the prices offered elsewhere. Secondly, Mr Wee mentioned that the company does not do much advertising; this will therefore allow them to save on expenditure and further improve on their actual services.

It seems clear that the strategic methods of Traveller 101 is working to their favor, because through word of mouth, the company is gaining much more prominence than ever before.

It seems almost natural that plans for expansion are on the horizon. Traveller 101 hopes to open more branches in the near future. Furthermore, those at Traveller 101 are also keen observers of the trends in Singapore, Mr Wee mentioned that the company hopes to tap into the rising number of foreign talents in Singapore and offer them tour services according to their preferences.

When asked about some of his proudest business achievements to date, Mr Wee mentioned that he would always remain proud of the fact that he built his business empire with his own two hands. He went on to elaborate that he was literally doing a “one man show” in the initial stages, and that his hard work has finally paid off.

Naturally, Mr Wee would believe that entrepreneurship is the ability to work hard in the face of adversity. In addition, he also talked about the importance of humility in the world of business. He stated that the ability to show humility is something that goes beyond work, but touches the human heart on the purest of levels. He said, “Having a good staff and employer relationship is important as it build a rapport (and) all relationships are two-way relationships”. These underscore the importance of unity in a workplace and also show the power of teamwork to achieve success.

Seeing the company soar to greater heights is something that inspires and motivates Mr Wee. He mentioned that his main goal is to create brand awareness for Traveller 101. This is because he truly believes in the services provided by his staff and believes in giving good services to more customers.

Clearly, it is with a good amount of confidence and unshakeable belief that Traveller 101 is the success that we see today. In fact, it is these very qualities that will enable Traveller 101 to continue with their success for many more years to come.

Contact Details:
50 Serangoon North Avenue 4 #08-08
First Center S(555856)
T| 6570 1150
F| 6570 9430


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