Packaging Hub (S) Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Derrick Koh

Ever wondered if it is normal for you to stare at a product’s packaging and let your imaginations be captured by it even before opening said product? The truth is, there is a whole team assigned to design the packaging of a particular product, so as to ensure the best possible first impression. Mr Koh’s Packaging Hub is one such company. The company is able to adapt seemingly to any needs, as customers as diverse as SingTel, Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Airline are all Mr Koh’s clients.

As a former National Serviceman, Mr Koh mentioned that he has already had the people management skills required for the running of a business. According to Mr Koh, all he lacked was knowledge of the industry. Never one who gives up easily, Mr Koh took on the task of learning from scratch. It is from knowing nothing to eventually becoming an entrepreneur that it shows the fiery perseverance of Mr Koh’s character.

On the road to success, he has also encountered many setbacks. For example, he truthfully mentioned that there were no obvious results within the first year of business. Moreover, he was basically running the entire business on his own at the very initial stage. However, the turning point came when Raffles Hotel called to engage Mr Koh’s expertise. Soon, Mr Koh’s business grew due to word-of-mouth and positive reviews. One of the many ways utilized by Mr Koh is advertising heavily through the Yellow Pages. Therefore, on top of an emphasis on providing quality service, Mr Koh actually made use of sound advertising to further promote the business.

When asked where he sees the company going in the next five years, Mr Koh mentioned that he hopes to expand the range of products offered so as to serve his customers better. He mentioned that he is trying to procure products from France and also go into alternative packaging in the future.

Mr Koh said that some of his proudest business achievements include being contracted by large organizations such as Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa. It can be said that this is an endorsement of the quality provided by Mr Koh’s Packing HUB. Mr Koh mentioned that he is proud of his achievements because they stand as proof of his hard work and unparalleled services.

“Never fail your customers, – as long as it is an issue that can be settled, I will settle it for them” – this is the mantra that Mr Koh ascribes for his company. With all the success heading Mr Koh’s way, it is clear that, not only does he talk the talk, he also walks the walk. Mr Koh makes an extra effort to ensure that he fulfills all the promises that he has given to his customers. In addition to true hard work and dedication, Mr Koh says that it is important to stay dedicated to your work because a sense of dedication acts as a huge motivation for anyone thinking of going into business.

Mr Koh stated that an aspiring entrepreneur must possess the drive and passion to succeed in any chosen field. On top of that, Mr Koh says, “You must love what you do”. It is only by being able to derive a sense of personal satisfaction from a job well done that one can be able to see work as both commitment and enjoyment, rather than as some mundane routine. Conclusive to say, for Mr Koh, the qualities necessary for success are passion and enjoyment.

Mr Koh advices young people to “really know what you sell and gain knowledge in real life experiences” if they desire to start their own business. He also mentioned the importance of patience in the world of business, because as he says, “things don’t happen overnight”, as such, a young and aspiring entrepreneur must learn from the ground up and also build up his/her character in order to succeed.

Evidently, Mr Koh’s drive and will to succeed are what helped propel his company to success, and it is this very drive and will that will surely ensure his company success for many more years to come.

Contact Details:
150 Ubi Avenue 4 #05-07/08
Ubi Biz-hub S(408825)
T| 6841 7764
F| 6844 0431

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