RA Tech Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Richard Foo

With fifty years of experience from working in the marine industry, Mr Foo is able to put his skills to good use in his own company. Mr Foo’s RA Tech Engineering Services provide Marine Consultancy Services, ship repair, and being agents for shipyards providing dry dock services in China and the Asian region.

When asked about the reasons behind venturing into business, Mr Foo mentioned that he wanted more autonomy at work and also, he wanted to fully utilize all the skills and expertise that he has mastered over the years.

When asked about the way in which RA Tech Engineering Services stands out from its competitors, Mr Foo said that his customers already know him very well because of him being in the industry for many years. This shows that there is a sense of connection between Mr Foo and his customers, and the continued success can be attributed to both a sense of trust and Mr Foo’s abilities to fulfill his clients’ demands. In fact, Mr Foo was actually asked by many of his friends to come out of retirement to set up RA Tech Engineering Services. Mr Foo added that many of his friends told him to come out of retirement because he is able to keep up with the times and also has a lot of wonderful experiences to teach the next generation. Fortunately for the marine industry, Mr Foo decided to once again lace up his boots in order to help pave the way for many others.

With regards to the plans for the future, Mr Foo said that he hopes to occupy more of an advisory role in the coming years. He elaborated that he hopes to be able to go at a slow and steady pace while still being able to utilize his experience to guide people.

When asked about the origin of the company’s name, Mr Foo mentioned that it is the combination of his and his friend’s names. He talked about his friend/associate, Abi, who encouraged him to come back into the industry as he has a lot more to offer. Therefore, with his first name as Richard, RA Tech Engineering Services was named.

Mr Foo said, “I want to serve the marine industry, and with my experience, it will be a waste if I don’t come back and do something”. He went on to say that his higher purpose in life is to give back to the industry that played such a big part in his life. Clearly, this is what differentiates Mr Foo’s company from his direct competitors.

A down to earth person, when asked about advice he would give to aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr Foo said, “if you do what you know, don’t try to venture into something entirely new”. In a nutshell, what Mr Foo is trying to say is to be disciplined in business. He elaborated that it is of utmost importance for people to be directed and focused in their approach to business. He says that many times, people are too distracted and want to do too many things at the same time.

In addition, Mr Foo said that one must “go by their own skills and instincts” in order to make their business successful. It is this very idea of self-sufficiency that Mr Foo strongly advocates, as it implies that a successful businessperson is able to use his or her own skills for success.

Ultimately, it is with the marriage of a true passion for the business and self-sufficiency that Mr Foo’s RA Tech Engineering Service is the success that they are today.

Contact Details:
53 Ubi Avenue 1 #03-25
Paya Ubi Industrial Park S(408934)
T| 6841 8502
E| ratech@ratech.com.sg

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