MexLink International Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Daniel Chng

Established in 2007, MexLink International is a company that deals with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products in within the Asian market. Moreover, the company also specializes in high quality home appliances such as, rice cookers, fans, electric thermopots, and many more.

When asked about his decision to come into the world of business, Mr Chng said simply, “Who doesn’t want to be a boss?”. This quote echoes throughout the minds of many individuals, as the ability to start one’s own business signals the chance at more freedom. The ability to begin one’s business will allow for greater social mobility that will inevitably also improve one’s ability to provide for one’s family.

Armed with more than fifteen years in the industry, Mr Chng is certainly no mere novice. He mentioned that he hopes to be able to put his experience to good use. He went on to elaborate that he intends to use the skills that he learnt to help out potential customers to the best of his abilities. In addition to a physical implementation of skills, MexLink is also a company that believes in practicing safety regulations so as to ensure the wellbeing of its entire staff.

The initial journey of MexLink is certainly one filled with hurdles and obstacles. For example, Mr Chng mentioned that there was a difficulty in finding a customer base due to the fact that they were a new and relatively unproven company. Never people who give up easy, those at MexLink gritted their teeth and worked hard. Eventually their hard work paid off and they managed to secure a loyal customer base that will swear by MexLink’s services.

With regards to building a solid customer base, Mr Chng said, “you must gain their trust, because trust in sales relationship is important”. This point is something that everybody at MexLink practices, and as such, they have managed to overcome their hurdle of gaining a customer base.

In addition, plans of expansions are in sight for MexLink International. Mr Chng mentioned that he hopes to expand on his customer base and also further improve his services to his existing customer base. The company also hopes to expand into the Indonesian market and gain a higher level of brand awareness by doing so.

Certainly a natural entrepreneur, Mr Chng mentioned that he is grateful for the amount of faith that his customers have in the company. He said, “without them, I don’t think I can go far”, clearly this echoes an amount of thankfulness that he has for his customers’ undying support.

When asked about his take on the idea of entrepreneurship, Mr Chng said, “Do not be greedy, do not be too aggressive”. This is clearly indicative of the company’s practice of equanimity, as they attempt to balance competitiveness with ambition. According to Mr Chng, it is the ability to be grounded and balanced, that a person will become a successful entrepreneur. This is because a stance that is too aggressive can create over-exertion, while one that is too passive will inevitably create inertia.

His family remains his biggest motivation. Mr Chng said that he is a driven person because his main objective is to better provide for his family. Moreover, he also talked about how his family acts as his pillar of support to allow him to continue in his entrepreneurial quest.

He further highlighted that the recipe to success is the strength to be disciplined and proactive. While this sounds like a practice in executing actions that stand as contrary to each other, Mr Chng explained that one must be able to have discipline in work so as to maintain a constant and high level of professionalism. As for being proactive, one must always go all out in business, otherwise, stagnation will soon set in.

It is with a clear direction and vision that MexLink is able to stay disciplined in order to achieve their goals. Combine that with actual quality and standard, and it is no surprise that MexLink is the success that we see today.

Contact Details:
10 Ubi Crescent Ubi Techpark Lobby B
#07-15 S(408564)
T| 6699 8065
F| 6315 1139

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