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Name of Recipient:
Mr Ignatius Francis Danakody

“Nothing is too big or too small for Singapore Salvage Engineers (SSE).” Mr Ignatius Francis Danakody reiterated the words of his father; the late Mr Francis Danakody. Singapore Salvage Engineers, a Singapore based; a country which financial status mainly revolves around the maritime industry, worldwide salvage engineering company, prodigious in the aspects of marine salvages, rescues, ship repairs and the works; to their utmost capacity.

Singapore Salvage Engineers’ history dates back to 43 years ago, in 1968. Singapore Salvage Engineers was founded in 1968. Mr Francis was an avid diver since his youthful days. After completing his education, Mr Francis started partaking in multiple diving explorations along with the Royal Naval Base. His fervor passion went on, and he soon joined the crew at Salvage Engineers as he further ameliorates himself in the facets of marine works. Being a maestro; grasping the nuances of marine works, Mr Francis decided to take the first step on his entrepreneur-ing crusade. He soon founded Singapore Salvage Engineers Private Limited.

The apex came as Mr Francis bought a 150 tonne crane barge, 2 tugboats, diving apparatus and other essential equipments for salvage works. Instilled with a staunched notion; that such excellent expertise is protracted only with the use of high tech equipments and a copacetic team. Singapore Salvage Engineers is at its fore back in the days. Mr Francis’ main objective is to accomplish his assigned task with minimal damage to the surrounding environment.

The legacy was handed onto Mr Ignatius’s hands as Mr Francis deported for nirvana. Mr Ignatius is a splitting image of his father; bearing a distinctive similarity, bearing a fervent love for diving and marine works. To Mr Ignatius, it’s a hobby which allows him to pass time and he loves the job. “I decided to take on this behemoth of a task as SSE is in our bloodline. It’s the fruit and labour of my father, and i like to take it to greater heights” Mr Ignatius ruminated. “The job allows me to come in close contact with the sea. The sea allows me to come to peace; serenity.” Mr Ignatius elucidated.

Running a roaring trade isn’t always plain sailing. Like the sea, perilous tidal waves are inevitable, and inadvertent. “Working at seas is an ever-changing experience. This makes up why our job is so interesting. In the marine line, we are manhandling larger than norm machinery and equipments.” Mr Ignatius accounted. “We had faced situations where staffs were held up by the pirates in the Indian ocean. Fortunately we managed to mediate our way, escaping unscathed.”

Mr Ignatius took over his father’s company at a sudden moment as his father haplessly succumbed to the devils of poor health. Mr Ignatius was forced to heft a surplus of responsibilities being entrusted on him. It was a dark moment. “As i was new to the industry, and as of an adolescent age, many clients do not have faith in me. And i had nobody mentoring me as my father was in poor health, and i had nobody to turn to. I was stranded and had to strived hard to get out of my situation.”

Fortunately, having a large clientele base allows Mr Ignatius to prove what’s he made of. “Certainly, they had some doubts in me at first. As time goes by, they began to put their trust in me and the business.” he added. “There are some desperate measures to be taken i must say.” Determined to set things right, Mr Ignatius also engaged in price wars; reducing the price for jobs, and sometimes sealing the deal without profit to lunge forward of Singapore Salvage Engineers’ competitors. Fortunately, what Mr Ignatius’ sowed reaps.
By ensuring good quality in work; by the utilization of skilled and adept workers, and high tech equipments, Mr Ignatius’ precarious predicament abated. With an assiduous attention to details on every single job, it’s a cinch. “My father is a great inspiration for me. He laid down the foundations for me to establish upon as well.” Mr Ignatius reminisced.

Through perpetual research and development; along with round-the-clock ameliorating, Singapore Salvage Engineers had the capabilities to do what deemed impossible. “We had built an oil rig in Singapore; it was one of the first in Singapore. Not only that, we had managed to complete it just barely half of the given duration. Despite so, we will continue to brush up to serve better in the future” an ecstatic Mr Ignatius commented.

“My father had instilled discipline in me, a discipline for me to work hard to get better achievements. You reap what you sow.” Mr Ignatius ardently retorted. “A good entrepreneur must be willing to be committed. Time, and labour is needed for a fruit to grow. It goes with a company as well. An entrepreneurship is a form of learning experience. To learn the ropes of understanding how to scale sheer obstacles; conquering them.”

“Competition in this line is certainly vigorous. It spurs us on to do better, stronger, faster by acquiring and honing skills along the way.” Mr Ignatius added. “Entrepreneurship is not being a boss. But to work hard and ensure welfare are given to the staffs. We will continue to work hard for expansion to serve better for the public.”

The boss inspires fear; the leader inspires enthusiasm. A leader like Mr Ignatius is certainly welcomed, and as a leader, his merit, virtuosity is without doubt superfluous. With a leader in fore of Singapore Salvage Engineers shall proliferate for perpetuity.

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23 Shipyard Road S(911121)
T| 6775 7653 / 6775 3972
F| 6777 5202


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