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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Ronnie Oh

If you can dream it, you can do it. Success is always facultative by one’s conception of attaining it. Mr Ronnie Oh’s success is conceived under the ramifications of dreaming big; which had helped propelled Sin Huap Mui Private Limited to its culmination. A leader in its own line.

Sin Huap Mui Private Limited is a company with more than 60 employees; all aces in what it does best: proffering superior tent-age and canopy solutions with the best bang for the buck. Over the years, Sin Huap Mui Private Limited has been serving assistance to venues and events such as Community Centers, night markets, and the much anticipated annual Formula 1 grand prix race held in Singapore.

Mr Oh’s venture into his current industry wasn’t spontaneous from initiation. He was a fish breeder for a decade, before reigning supremacy over Sin Hiap Mui Private Limited. “Through the years, i had scrimped and saved in order to invest in the business. It was my dream.” Mr Oh ruminated about the days of the past. It was in 1990, when Mr Oh took the crown as the leader of Sin Hiap Mui Private Limited. As soon as he took fore of Sin Hiap Mui Private Limited, Mr Oh began to introduce a game-changing concept which would revolutionize the whole tent-age and canopy industry.

Mr Oh presided Sin Hiap Mui Private Limited to build what at that time, hasn’t been implemented at all: A canopy which is fully air-conditioned; even the washrooms. “We didn’t just stop there, we went on and we had actually pioneered one of the largest tent-age and canopies ever built.” an astute Mr Oh commented. When Mr Oh’s marvel was announced, it comes as a shock to many, as most companies in the industry could not even build a canopy or tent-age efficient enough; much less one that supersedes sizes generally considered as an excess.

Being a man who dreams big, Mr Oh did not stop his quest just there. Previously; a biennium before, Mr Oh commenced “The World’s Biggest Tent-age Challenge” in Singapore, with the goal of rewriting the rule book for the industry. “It was a tough challenge, to build a tent-age which would fit 35,000 people without a sweat.” Mr Oh reminisced. Mr Oh, as a patriotic man, aspires to honor Singapore by this regard.

Regrettably, Sin Hiap Mui Private Limited failed to pulled off this spectacle. “It was a moment of despair for us. But we managed to learn from our failure, making us stronger.” Mr Oh uttered in a disheartening manner. Despite so, Sin Hiap Mui Private Limited managed to attain much publicity from this experience. Which is a consolation proved worthwhile in the industry.

Despite being a man full of great ideas, venturing into a commerce is an arduous job for Mr Oh. “As an entrepreneur, you need to put in many hours into your job. If not, success isn’t going to happen.” Mr Oh continued: “Unlike other trades, building tent-age and canopies is a much demanding job. The safety of hundreds, if not thousand people lies on the employees themselves. It’s important for the workers to be well-versed in all aspects.”

In order to sustain such a high level of competency in the industry, Mr Oh has to assimilate every vital information available to him in any way. “By keeping up to trends, modern technologies, we are then able to offer high quality products to our clients every time.” Mr Oh explicated. As a leader, Mr Oh perceives that it’s pertinent to account for the welfare of his employees. “It’s the least i could do for them, the job is exhausting. The only thing they do not want to face is an uncaring boss.” said Mr Oh, a caring man with empathy.

“Most of our competitors go for clients which serves “bigger, higher-end” events. We opt to serve for the “lower end, family oriented” events, such as night markets, regional Community Centers and religious events. This way, we would be able to make ourselves more prominent to the general public.” Mr Oh said insightfully. Sin Hiap Mui Private Limited has managed to serve as the provider of canopies and tent-age solutions for the “Lunar New Year event” held at Bishan East.

To Mr Oh, his motivation comes from the government. “I am sick and tired of the wrong influences they had given to the public, that lowly educated people would not be able to succeed in life. You don’t need a degree to succeed in life. Bill Gates does not have a degree, and he’s a multi-billionaire.” Mr Oh retorted passionately. “I like to prove the government wrong by starting my own business.”

“Entrepreneurship isn’t just a way to prove myself to the public. To prove that I am able to obtain high standards in the aspects of efficiency, productivity; all delivered with promptness. It’s a contribution to the society.” Mr Oh expounded. “Using your own wisdom and knowledge to improve yourself, as to benefit the society with your business.”

“In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to have determination. Determination to work hard to obtain success. Success doesn’t just come naturally. You can’t hope for success to happen without doing anything. You need to work for it.” Mr Oh exhorted with much accentuation. “If you think that entrepreneurship is all about money, you are dead wrong. Entrepreneurship is all about your dream, your own passion. If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Mr Oh is proposing to expand Sin Hiap Mui Private Limited to neighboring countries. “We planned to expand into the Japanese market at the start, unfortunately, due to external factors, we are forced to call off our plans.” Mr Oh further emphasized. “Expanding Sin Hiap Mui Private Limited into other countries is my goal, and i would not give up no matter what.”

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