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Mr. David Ng

If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’t angle as well as from your own. A business is successful to the extent that it provides a product or service that contributes to happiness in all of its forms. Only an entrepreneur who is able to perceive the perception of others have the ability to succeed; that entrepreneur knows what customers and people around him want. Mr Ng, founder of Simply Cars Pte Ltd, is an entrepreneur who revolves his entrepreneurial journey around these values.

Mr Ng was not an ace when it comes to academics. In Singapore, many people discern academic results as a mean to decide your future. “My family members as well, they feel that academic results will determine your future.” Mr Ng reminisced dolefully. Many vocations also view academic results as a prerequisite to getting the job. While Mr Ng was working as a broker for numerous companies, politics precipitated and colleagues were jealous when Mr Ng produced outstanding results. “During my period of employment, my bosses often encourage me to venture on my own as they see potential in me. I have a passionate interest in motor vehicles and decided to start my entrepreneurship based on this direction.” Mr Ng indicated.

Having worked in multitudes of companies helped Mr Ng garnered 13 years of invaluable experience, which would help him towards the path of success. Mr Ng’s first objective after initiating Simply Cars Pte Ltd in 2004 was to revamp the insurance cycle procedures for motor vehicles as the old procedure are invalid in modern days. “I wanted to make life easier for my customers. Owning a car in Singapore is tough, I understand their sorrow.” a sympathetic Mr Ng commented. “During the 2004 period, the government implemented new regulations to the scrapping of vehicles. One customer had yet to understand the new law, and submitted the keys along with the cars to mr as the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) of the car has expired. This had showed me that many people do not understand the complexities of transacting a car.” Mr Ng added. Despite Mr Ng’s honorable act, altruism only goes so far. “It’s understandable. We weren’t a full-fledged company when we first started. Customers are naturally skeptical of us.”

Mr Ng then divulged: “There was a man who once came in to my business. He was dressed shabbily, and spoke vulgarly. What took us by surprise was that he exclaimed that he wanted to buy a luxury car worth more than $200,000, and paid with cash. He also demanded the car to be delivered to him by the following day.” This shows that one should not judge a book by its cover, and should not be prejudiced of others at start. This applies the same for Simply Cars Pte Ltd. “Initially when we started, banks do not wanted to loan us the money as they lack the confidence with new companies.” Mr Ng regarded. Nevertheless, Simply Cars Pte Ltd was able to show its mettle with its adept leader and staffs at fore. Soon, banks realized the company’s proficiency and began aiding Simply Cars Pte Ltd to its success. “Reputation is especially important in business.” Mr Ng urged assertively the pertinence of reputation. Simply Cars Pte Ltd do more than just selling cars. The company went the extra mile to superintend insurance coverage for any spectrum of vehicles.

Simply Cars Pte Ltd do not stop by proffering a one-stop solution to insurance coverage. The company also possesses an In-house car workshop, which provide 24 hours towing and repair services for his clients. Simply Cars Pte Ltd also aids car owners in resolving car accidents, which occurred in Malaysia. “Many drivers do not have the knowledge to handle accidents beyond the border. That’s where Simply Cars Pte Ltd comes in.” Mr Ng mentioned. All these superlative implementations incited words of mouth to spread prominently, garnering the much-needed reputation aforesaid by Mr Ng.

Simply Cars Pte Ltd was also able to procure major clients from the IT and construction sector of the industry due to its adroitness. “It is certainly not easy for us as we are running the company on a big scale. Their loyalty had certainly proved to us that our services are good, and this marks our success in my opinion.” an astute Mr Ng expounded. “Entrepreneurship means standing out from the rest. It’s the ability to innovate and not be a shadow of your competitors.” Mr Ng defined. “Be different.” Mr Ng also added. Indirectly, Mr Ng’s parents also constituted to his success. Mr Ng ruminated: “My parents did not put high hopes on me as my academic results are not decent. This spurred me to prove them that I can succeed in life even without academic results.” With this self-driven force instilled in Mr Ng, he became staunched to overcome all adversities met in his entrepreneurship; ultimately, attaining success. “My uncle, Mr Alan Ng, was my role model as well. He worked in a local bank and promoted to the top of the management. He decided to retire early and start his own company. Eventually, he succeeded as well.” Mr Ng added.

“Many entrepreneurs might find customers troublesome, and do not have the intention to serve them. However, in order to succeed, an entrepreneur needs to put himself in people’s shoes, and understand their viewpoint.” Mr Ng conveyed. “You need to also have the perseverance to sustain your business; even if it is making a loss, for a long period on time. Entrepreneurship is a game of survival. You need to be well equipped and well thought to succeed. Only if you are bold to try and strive, along with strong financial capabilities, coupled with an unique mentality, you will then succeed.” Mr Ng espoused. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. “Plan carefully, do not make hasty decisions and get advice from people in the same industry.” Mr Ng advocated greenhorns in business. “Work in the field to get experience first before you start.” Mr Ng urged the importance of experience.

Mr Ng then shed some light on Simply Car’s expansion plans. “There is” Mr Ng rejoined. “As the COE prices are up, our strategy is to work on European cars as the Europe market is uncertain.” Mr Ng paused for a moment: “We see China as a big potential market and they are growing in the car market. Probably in 10 to 20 years time, they might build cars as good as European and Japanese marques. So we certainly like to expand from there.” Mr Ng proceeded to share his gratitude to those who had helped him along the way towards success: “I would like to thank Mr Thomas Hoong from Anthola Insurance, Mr Lim A H from BestLink Auto, Daniel Loo from Edmund Motors, Freddy from Singapore Finance, Giselle Tan from GE Motors, Karine from Century Tokyo Leasing, Sherly from Standard Chartered, but most importantly, my wife Jenny and God for the guidance and support for the past few years.”

Through Mr Ng’s entrepreneurial journey, he has displayed the importance of empathy; a quality which only an entrepreneurial extraordinaire would possess. Empathy is a quality pivotal for great success. Mr Ng also shown that owning a car in Singapore is actually not perplexing. Thus, the name Simply Cars Pte Ltd. Without doubt, Simply Cars would transcend beyond generations with such a magnificent leader like Mr Ng at helm.

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