Silverline Projects & Services Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Clifton Lim
Mr. Colin Choo

How remarkable a business is should not be adjudicated by its size, but how dynamic it is; its ability to proffer great products at great prices. A small company might not have the resources to contend with large conglomerates, however, a small business could make up for it with supreme customer service. Silverline Projects & Services; symbolizing adapting and improving, is a company, which stands by this notion. Comprising of just 15 employees, this small but brawny company offers services such as the organization of exhibition events; such as air shows and roadshows. The company also offers interior fabrication services for corporate and selective residential clients.

In 1994, Mr Clifton Lim initiated Silverline Projects & Services. As Mr Lim began to look for greener pasture to constitute his advancements for his career, he became determined to embark on his own entrepreneurship, commencing Silverline Projects & Services. In 2006, Mr Lim opted to invite Mr Colin Choo on board the company as a director. Hand in hand, the directors had warped Silverline Projects & Services into a potent stronghold in the industry. Mr Lim then reflected: “I was working in the similar industry when I realized that my progress seems to be hampered by the environment I am working in. As I am very passionate in this line of work, I thought to myself: Why not a business based on this industry? That’s how Silverline Projects & Services was born.” There was no lack of experience; with each of the directors having more than 20 years of experience in the field, things are already scintillating for Silverline Projects & Services at its initiation.

Despite its commencement of just 4 employees, Silverline Projects & Services began life with a good start; many big companies were kind enough to allow Silverline Projects & Services the opportunity to show its mettle. “Most of my clients from my previous company started to frequent Silverline Projects & Services, as they are confident and trusted about my services.” Mr Lim regarded. “As we started small, the main objective of the business is to establish a ‘reliable’ name for Silverline. We had to maintain a productive service despite our small team.” Mr Choo expounded upon the hitches Silverline Projects & Services met during its initiation. The company was resolute to prevail over its issues by using its results to prove to the consensus its fortitude.

“We always believe that if we are good, the general public would also see it, and in return we are able to make a name for ourselves.” Mr Lim put his thoughts into words. Due to this perception, Silverline Projects & Services strives to complete all tasks successfully without any hitches. “We also believe that success for a small business like ours could only come from having marvelous customer service. Therefore, we offer a personalized service to our customers, to make them feel at home when they patronize our services.” Mr Choo regarded. What makes Silverline Projects & Services distinctive is its aforesaid proffering of personalized services. “To us, meeting the expectations of customers is not enough. We want to exceed their expectations.” Mr Lim explicated. To fulfill this goal, Silverline Projects & Services would go the extra mile; such as making arrangements for hotels, cars and chauffeurs for their clients.

It is no surprise then, for Silverline Projects & Services to proliferate in profusions since its commencement, with such supremacy in customer service despite its diminutive number of personnel. As Mr Lim made intelligible: “We have grown in size, but it’s not big. Our revenue without doubt increased, as well as our customer base.” Mr Lim added on: “We are also proud that most of our clients are continually using our services for such a long time. This shows how much trust they put in us.” If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business. Perpetual ameliorations in business is pertinent in an entrepreneurship. “Entrepreneurship is about the ability to improve constantly. It’s all about moving along and ahead of times; keeping up with the market trend as well as technology.” Mr Lim, an adroit man, said. “It’s also the ability to adapt to new situations; how you cope with it and overcome it.” an acute Mr Choo commented.

Regardless of its small magnitude, nothing can stop the leaders of Silverline Projects & Services from reaching higher grounds. “My motivation has always been my family support. The motivation from them brought me this far, and because of so, I would not give up no matter how tough it is.” Mr Choo divulged on his spur. “Being the leader of Silverline Projects & Services puts me in the same shoes as the early leaders of Singapore. They have all done a great job as Singapore was so tiny, but look at our country now. Thus, my motivation to do better comes from our past leaders of the country.” Mr Lim announced perceptively.

The partners then gave their opinion on the makings of a successful entrepreneur: “I believe that an entrepreneur must have the integrity; the honesty within himself in order to succeed. If he could not believe himself, how is he going to expect his customers to put their trust in him? He must be resolute, not intimidated by any forms of failures. Along with the stamina; the never say die attitude, he shall go a long way” Mr Lim replied. Mr Choo then gave a concise rejoinder: “Integrity and confidence are the two main qualities, I believe, an entrepreneur needs too have if he wants to succeed.” The leaders then espoused budding entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business. “Learn the basics before you advance. You need to have integrity in your business to go a long way.” Mr Lim remarked. “Be armed with the knowledge, patience and perseverance, and you shall see your business grow rapidly.” Mr Choo observed.

The leaders beamed with enthusiasm when asked if Silverline Projects & Services has any plans for expansion. “Yes, we are looking for expansion within the next 5 years.” Mr Lim shed some light. “First off, we like to expand our business by increasing its sales and revenues.” Mr Choo announced. “Internationally, we would like to create a bigger clientele network as most of our clients are from overseas.” Mr Lim added.

Silverline Projects & Services displayed that a business does not have to possess scores of personnels in order to attain success. Success only comes by if a business is able to shows its exceptional strength of character in face of difficulties. With great leaders like Mr Lim and Mr Choo, Silverline Projects & Services shall proliferate in multitudes without doubt.

Contact Details:
30 Loyang Way #07-16
Loyang Industrial Estate S(508769)
T| 6545 8900
F| 6546 8900

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