Shieldshade (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Derrick Lim

As global warming has become rampant in modern times, skin cancer has been more endemic than ever. A fatal disease, which seems innocuous, is in reality a silent killer. Skin cancer is a prevalent disease around the globe and had taken a profusion of lives away each year. However, it seems as if there isn’t any effective prevention measure to be taken to safeguard humanity against this lethal affliction; until now.

Shieldshade Singapore is a local based company; proffering solar films to keep humanity safe from pernicious UV rays, the cause of skin cancer. Initiated by Mr Derrick Lim, it has proliferated in plentitude since the company started less than a year ago. With more than a score of employees, one could say that Shieldshade Singapore’s rate of metamorphosing is without doubt alarming. Mr Lim elucidated: “I guess our company’s growth is certainly derived from the potential of this particular market.” One can fathom the superlative prospect of the industry when they look at the perks of its products. “Not only it could protect against sun-related skin problems, but Shieldshade Singapore’s products are able to deflect sunlight and heat, resulting in a cooler interior and it increases the comfort as such. Our window films also minimize interferences from electronic products, such as cellular phones.” Mr Lim added.

Mr Lim’s conception for starting out his own entrepreneurship is constituted by his past working experience. “I was working in a similar industry many years ago, and i saw the potential in this market. So i decided to take things into my hands and brought in my own line of products: Sunshield, Javaco and Advanta solar films myself and started out Shieldshade Singapore.” Mr Lim reminisced. “What’s more, i could apply my past working experience to help the company grow.” Mr Lim further accentuated the advantages of starting out Sunshield Singapore.

Nevertheless, starting out an entrepreneurship always has its fair share of problems. “As this is an unique industry, it’s hard to find experience staffs as this trade requires special skills and experience.” Mr Lim made intelligible on impediments met when commencing Shieldshade Singapore. Adding on to the list of hindrances is the company’s stage of infancy. “Shadeshield Singapore is relatively new, therefore we do not have much branding awareness. We also faced much competition from our competitors owing to this fact. Clients also tend to focus and emphasize on the branding, this caused us to lose out on many opportunities.” Mr Lim continued.

Despite of all the restraints laid ahead of Shieldshade Singapore, an unfaltering Mr Lim began to sort out the hitches without any lamentation. Mr Lim expounded on how did he managed: “We conduct trainings for sales persons to guide them how to deal with clients and educate them on the knowledge of our products. We believe that building a strong team is all it takes to conquer all.” Mr Lim went on to add: “We also believe, by offering quality products and services to customers, along with competitive pricing comparable to our competitors, we are then able to become stronger in the market share.”

Idiosyncratically, Shieldshade Singapore is a company, which do not emphasize on expending out much money on advertising. Mr Lim then gave his thoughts: “We emphasize on word of mouth marketing. I believe that by providing great quality of films and services, with competitive pricing, we are able to gain the likes of our customers. This way, we could save on advertising as it’s all covered for by our customers.” This results in Shieldshade Singapore being able to proffer its products in a more competitive price; pulling ahead from the pack.
In spite of its succinct start, Shieldshade Singapore had gone through much adversity, hindering its proliferation. Despite so, their adversity glorified Shieldshade Singapore as a hold, and in turn, transfigures the company to be much stronger and resolute. Mr Lim regarded: “When we first approached the suppliers, they lack confidence in us as we were still small. In time to come, they began to realize the quality that our company provides. They slowly became confident in us and bonded with us. I see this as a great achievement as it’s always great for a business to have good relations with its suppliers.” Mr Lim carried on: “We are also recognized by governmental bodies; they invited us on tendering of projects. Personally, being able to work with the government means that our company is of an extremely high caliber. This makes me feel proud about our company.”

Regardless of Shieldshade Singapore’s materialistic achievements, nothing can beat the association, which Mr Lim had cultivated through his entrepreneurial experience. “I started off Shieldshade Singapore alone, but now i have a strong and experienced team to build this company with me. This is one of my greatest joy; having a team with the same vision as me.” Mr Lim mentioned with jubilation. Family always comes above career, the same applies for Mr Lim. “I came from a poor family. I would like to bring glory to my family by starting my own business and be successful to make my family members proud. This is my motivation for starting out Shieldshade Singapore, and to see that success is gradually coming upon us, this makes me feel happy.” an insightful Mr Lim explained.

Mr Lim then reflected upon what entrepreneurship meant to him: “For me, it’s a way to improve the lifestyle of people and their families. Entrepreneurship is all about serving people, and contributing to the society. I believe many customers had benefited from our products.” Mr Lim adjourned. “I also believe that entrepreneurship is a way to groom people. I hope that one day, my staffs are also able to become an entrepreneur too; sharing the joy to the public.”

Mr Lim divulged his opinions on being a successful entrepreneur: “If you don’t work for it, success isn’t going to happen at all. So in order to be a successful entrepreneur, hard work is especially important.” Mr Lim added on: “A successful entrepreneur needs to have determination, perseverance to get over any problems he come across. He needs to have the confidence to defeat the demons of failure. Last but not least, he needs to have be humble. Without humbleness, an entrepreneur won’t grow.”

“Have a good foresight and a good business idea. You will go far in an entrepreneurship.” Mr Lim gave a brief advocation to budding entrepreneurs.

Mr Lim also announced Shieldshade Singapore’s plans for expansion: “We definitely have plans for expansion. We will be expanding our market base, to result in a much stronger and better company. We might also look into specialized areas, not specifically confined to just solar films, but some complimentary products too.” These implementations shall propel Shieldshade Singapore one step closer to success. Success is coming into materialization for Shieldshade Singapore.

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T| 6293 5119
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