Seng Huat Metalplex Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Spencer Kwa

In just two years of operations, Seng Huat Metalplex had accumulated more than 8 million dollars worth in turn over. Initialized in 2005, Seng Huat Metalplex is the pinnacle of Mr Spencer Kwa’s pursuance to the ultimate entrepreneurship.

Seng Huat Metalplex is a company, which primarily deals with the import and export of metals, which spans from copper-base alloy to non-ferrous metal. Seng Huat Metalplex manufactures air and sea worthy packaging alongside its spectrum of services. It also proffers facilities such as precise cutting, customizing and warehousing services for clients revolving around the manufacturing sector; such as semi-conductors fabricators, marine and aerospace industries. “Seng Huat Metalplex was named after a great man, who is my grandfather. It was named in memory of him, as he was the one who molded me into a useful being in the society.” Mr Kwa explicated.

Mr Kwa personally takes an interest on technology; as a fervent techie, it is no surprise he would opt for an industry, which relies heavily on new-age technology. “After working more than a decade in a shareholding company with many years of history, I decided to start my own entrepreneurship due to unforeseen circumstances.” Mr Kwa recalled sordidly. Mr Kwa’s former employment was going through a reshuffle and that is where he decided to make advancements. “I decided to join the metallurgy industry as it is my passion since I was young. I am very interested in metallurgy and how it works. I am always curious about technology.” Mr Kwa commented on his choice of commerce.

Competition is typical of any trade. It is part and parcel of any industry. Only the strongest of the strongest would distinguish itself from the competition in an entrepreneurship. Seng Huat Metalplex also fell prey from the cutthroat competition, taking place during its initialization. “Besides competition, we faced unexpected high demands and rapid increase of product prices.” Mr Kwa regarded. To get over the problem, Mr Kwa, having superlative business acumen, decided to import goods massively. “Fortunately for us, the metallurgy industry was having a hiccup phase for product prices.” Mr Kwa capitalized on this right set of circumstances and managed to decimate the monetary hitches.

Today, consumers yearn for varieties in the product lines. To edge out from the competition, Seng Huat Metalplex started introducing awider range of sizes, volumes and varieties. “In entrepreneurship, youhave to learn what the customers want. We know that they want varieties, therefore we made this decision.” a perspicacious Mr Kwa added. Owing to this fact, Seng Huat Metalplex managed to earn its prominence in the industry. A cinch, for Seng Huat Metalplex to possess the glorified honor to work with Multi-National Corporations MNC); proffering their gamut of services to the clients on a yearly basis. “It certainly is a blessing to be able to work with these large companies.” Mr Kwa commented on Seng Huat Metalplex’s ability to work with these conglomerates without setbacks.

“It’s important for our young company to further strengthen its foundation and acquire a massive shipping stock to multiply our asset despite our achievements.” Mr Kwa contemplated on Seng Huat Metalplex’s aforementioned attainment of generating more than 8 million worth of fiscal gains in just a biennium. A discontented Mr Kwa then gave an analogy: “It’s just like a building. Regardless how tall it is, if it does not have a strong foundation, it’s bound to fall anytime.” Mr Kwa then added: “Entrepreneurship is a process where you strive for own business. You have to build it strong, like a building, in order to provide a better reliability for both yourself and your family. Entrepreneurship is also an instance where you provide an opportunity and a living for your team.” Mr Kwa then emphasized the pertinence of entrepreneurship: “Entrepreneurship is also a chance for you to contribute to the society.”

As an adolescent, Mr Kwa had idolized his grandfather in multitudes.“I have been living with my grandfather for a long time. Along my life,I had inherited personalities resembling him, and the quality of discipline; which guided me to my success today. Along my venture as an entrepreneur, I learnt to apply these positive principles into my business and achieve success.” Mr Kwa divulged. “Put it simply, my grandfather has been my mentor, my motivation and inspiration to bring Seng Huat Metalplexto greater heights.”

Complacency is a malady plaguing budding entrepreneurs these days. Entrepreneurs would hit a barrier when certain achievements they made in an entrepreneurship drown them, hindering their advancement. This is where Mr Kwa’s quality of discipline path the way for Seng Huat Metalplex. “Without discipline, one can get too proud of himself. In order to be successful, one needs to have the discipline. Only with discipline, a man can keep constant gain of knowledge and skills in order to see a more successful and bigger achievement.” an insightful Mr Kwa elucidated.

“If you want to start your own business, you need to know your grounds, capitalize on others’ weaknesses, and patiently build up yourstrengths to defeat your opponents.” a pragmatic Mr Kwa gave some pointers on commencing a business.

Seng Huat Metalplex is deliberating on bringing the business onestep closer to the overseas market. “The outlook for the metallurgy industry will still be bright for the next 5 years. But, some stormy weathercan be expected. Our plans for overseas expansion are already in themaking, and we are confident it would open up a new scope of opportunities for Seng Huat Metalplex.” Mr Kwa gave a denouement on Seng Huat Metalplex’s future.

Contact Details:
5055 Ang Mo Kio Ind Park 2
#01-1153 S(569558)
T| 6853 3128
F| 6853 3120


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