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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Gerard Rodrigues

For any production or presentation event, many production elements come together at the same time to create the showcase piece organizers dream of. Requiring careful coordination and combination, it truly takes professional capability to manage the sound, lights, and visuals efficiently. One company that fits such a bill is Expo Av-Insync Pte Ltd, a professional technical production company in Singapore.

Established by Mr. Gerard Rodrigues in 2003, Expo Av-Insync provides their clients with a comprehensive range of equipment and services, capable of meeting any production requirements. Till date, they have provided support for events such as conferences, theatre performances, product launches, exhibitions, fashions shows. Their clients in the events industry include the Asian Aerospace, now known as the Singapore Airshow, City Development Limited’s Anniversary event, BIOMIN World Health Forum, The Singapore-China Business forum and many more high-level events. With the latest in audio, video and lighting technology, Expo Av-Insync has ensured that they are prominently established in the production industry.

For Gerard, he and the technical arts have been acquainted for a long time. In his secondary school days, he was already a DJ for functions like house parties, as well as being a voiceover artist for Mediacorp. During this time, he also took on emcee duties for various events. As such, he became familiar with audiovisual equipment and functions, and this would eventually set him on the path of his current career.

Working in another audio-visual company in 2003, Gerard decided that he wanted to start making money on his own. With his savings, Expo Av-Insync was created. But Gerard knew that the hard work was just beginning, and he knew he had to contend with the various challenges that come his way. He elaborates, “With our clients, whether it is a big or small show, many times there are always budget cuts, but they expect us to offer something different and unique for them. Also, the competition in the industry is quite fierce; price wars are a common thing, and it is a challenge keeping everyone happy all the times.”

To overcome these challenges, Gerard sought to set Expo Av-Insync apart from his competitors. Treating his clients as friends, the company collaborates on the entire creative process with them, helping their clients cultivate a sense of ownership over any plans or creations. In addition, Expo Av-Insync also sought to procure specialized items like 3D and 4D video equipment. This not only enhances the technical offerings of the company, but also opens up creative solutions at the company’s disposal. As Gerard put it, “We only buy things we see will be put to good use…and of course, make money for us”

Celebrating their tenth anniversary this year, Expo Av-Insync has improved by leaps and bounds over the past ten years, making a nett revenue of nine million in the process. This has also attracted various collaborators and investors. In 2006, they invited another local audio-visual company, Insync Productions, to join in their ventures, as their boss had the best technical expertise in the industry. This resulted in the name change they are known for today. In addition, venture capitalists have also expressed interest into buying in their company, but for Gerard, who wanted to remain in full control of the company, it was simply not an option for him.

Now that Gerard has been at the helm of his company for a decade, he shares with us his own entrepreneurial philosophy. “Know your roots and beliefs, and never lose focus of the business you started. Humility boils down to knowing your roots, knowing the people who have helped you along the way.” In addition, Gerard believes one should not be disheartened by mistakes. “Take every mistake you have made, and learn from them. You have to persevere on. That is the only way to grow from it.”

With their success of the past decade, Gerard hopes to build upon these achievements and improve the company further. “I hope we are able to develop more on the creative front, and we now strive to be more involved in the creative process for every event.” In addition, Expo Av-Insync hopes to venture more into video related investments. Gerard explains, “There is much more on video technology to offer, and it provides sensory experiences that not many mediums can offer.” With his expertise and ambitions for the company, we are sure Gerard will continue to lead Expo Av-Insync to a brighter future ahead.

Contact Details:
9 Changi South Lane #03-01 S(468120)
T| 6748 5245
E| sales@eai.com.sg

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