Perfect Travel (99) Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Sandy Siow

As Singaporeans are earning more and placing more emphasis on luxuries in life, many have begin to see overseas trips as one important event that happens every year. However, the process of planning an overseas trip itself may be time consuming and difficult. Perfect Travel (99) Pte Ltd, a travel company based in Singapore, aims to ease this process by offering attractive travel packages and services.

Perfect Travel (99) was established in 1977, and was incorporated in the year 1997. They offer a comprehensive range of travel products and services, with their locations including the regional countries, Europe, Australia, the United States, and more. In addition, they also specialise in educational travel packages, company incentive trips, as well as corporate ticketing services.

Originally founded in the year 1977, the company has run into various crisis and was going to close down in 1999. This is when the current director of the company, Ms. Sandy Siow, stepped in. At that time, Sandy was already involved in the travel industry. It was a passion that was cultivated since her secondary school days, when she yearned to one day travel around the world. Hence, when she heard from a friend that the company needs a new owner, Sandy decided to take the plunge, bought the company, and incorporated it as Perfect Travel (99) Pte Ltd.

“Since the company is facing bankruptcy at the time of takeover, I knew I was not going to get the money immediately as the company was still in debt.” Sandy said. To counter this problem, Sandy prepared a back up capital of one hundred thousand, which was used to return debts. With that and their client’s deposits, they gradually begun to build a name for Perfect Travel (99).

To ensure that she provides the most accurate information and descriptions to her customers, Sandy will personally travel to every single destination to experience it first before deciding whether the location is viable. “We can’t expect to market a product well enough without having a feel of it”, says Sandy, “To experience it personally is necessary to understand the product well enough to be able to cater to what your customers want.”

This worked. With their group of loyal customers now, Perfect Travel (99) has generated more business through word-of-mouth than any other advertising. “We don’t do advertisements. We prove our quality through sincere service. Every customer is satisfied with us, and they have plenty of faith and trust in what we do.”

To safeguard the growth of the company, Sandy decided to buy her very own shop space in 2002. “It is important to know how to grow money from money, and buying property is a good form of sound investment. Owning your own space to operate for business will not hinder company’s growth as you might lose it if you rent it as well”, she added.

When asked for the secret to her success, Sandy has this to say. “Entrepreneurship is a mission. Although money is important, it is much more than that; it is a calling. If you only focus on money, you will lose the drive to maintain the business very quickly. For me, the business is just like my child. To motivate myself, I will always ask, ‘Why should I stop now? I already gave it my everything.’ Everyone always has the desire to quit sometimes but you just would not bear to part with it. The journey may not always be smooth, but they must persevere on.”

Sandy then further added, “After an entrepreneur sets their goal, they must go all out to achieve it. But they must stay true to their morals. In business, there is always plenty of temptation, but they must stand strong. So be brave to go for what you want, but there must be no cheating, no taking other people’s rights.”

With the global landscape ever changing, Sandy knows that she and Perfect Travel (99) must always be quick to evolve and improve should they want to maintain competitive. For now, Sandy is already thinking of purchasing another outlet to expand their operations, as well as introduced customized packages for her clients, which she thinks will be particularly suited to modern people. With her passion, expertise, and direction, Sandy will no doubt lead Perfect Travel (99) to accumulate more results than ever before.

Contact Details:
1 Park Road #03-21
People’s Park Complex S(059108)
T| 6538 6812
F| 6538 6817

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