Worldbuild21 Engineering Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Mike Chiew

With Singapore ever growing and expanding, many buildings are constructed to facilitate both economical and population growth in Singapore. However, while the demand for such construction is nearly constant, not many younger generational Singaporeans took up the opportunity to join the construction industry. Mr. Mike Chew, however, breaks this trend, leading his company Worldbuild21 Engineering Pte Ltd as one construction company with young, vibrant Singaporeans.

Established in 1998, Worldbuild21 specializes in commercial and residential construction, as well as providing design and build services. They are also able to follow architect plans to construct their creations. One element that sets them apart from other construction companies is their young team. As Mike explained, “We are young and vibrant, and therefore we look for new and challenging projects. For example, we recently took up hotel upgrading as a specialty. We focus solely on customer satisfaction, what the end user wants and needs.”

It all started when Mike joined the real estate industry after his graduation. “Although I was in real estate, I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. And in real estate, there is always the gap between the contractor and the end user. The real estate agent is always a mediator, a middleman.” He further adds, “I have the self-belief that I am supposed to do something, and as I knew someone from the construction industry, I took the big step, and set up my own company.”

When Worldbuild21 first started, Mike found himself swamped with work. He elaborates, “I was running a one-man show. There was hardly any manpower, and it was truly not easy. My partner and I worked our hearts out.” In addition, Mike found himself with difficulties obtaining financing, as they are new and thus not well-known yet.

But with self-belief, hard work, and mutual trust, Worldbuild21 begun to find its footing as a company. “We went through plenty of hardship. But I had self-belief that things would work out. I know I was able to deliver jobs, and this made me more confident that I am able to accomplish something in life.” Through repeat customers and word-of-mouth recommendations, the business started to pick up swiftly for the company.

Today, Worldbuild21 has expanded to take up more projects. But for Mike, the fact that they have survived and thrived is one of his greatest accomplishments. “We have experienced a great sales increase compared to when we first started. And from a one-man show, now we have about 25 staff members with the company. It is truly very satisfying to see these results come to fruition.”

For Mike, family is one strong driving force that has helped him on his road to success. “My family, whether it is my business or familial family, I am responsible for both of them. There are many people who are looking to me to lead them, to feed them. They motivate me to do better for them, for the company.”

As a fellow young entrepreneur, Mike now knows more clearly what it takes to succeed. “Self-belief, hard work, and patience.” He says, “An entrepreneur needs to constantly practice these three elements all the time. Then, you need to do business with sincerity and trust, because only then will you have credibility, your clients will then trust you.” In addition, he advises that financial management is important for any entrepreneur. “First, you get your finances right. Without strong financial backing, company growth will be slow. Spend more time to accumulate your capital, grow your finance and your will see your company benefit in the long run.”

Now that Worldbuild21 has stabilized their operations, Mike has other plans in motion. An adventurous entrepreneur at heart, he is planning to diversify and establish businesses in other industries. Already he has set up a restaurant in the food and beverage industry, as well as his own real estate business. Mike also now owns a plantation since 2010, another example of his entrepreneurial ambitions.

But for Worldbuild21, Mike hopes for their company to go regional, into nearby countries such as Indonesia, China and hopefully other countries. With ambition, self-belief and hard work, Worldbuild21 will continue to grow into one of the leading construction companies in the construction industry.

Contact Details:
1031 Eunos Avenue 6
#01-43 S(409626)
T| 6297 7669
F| 6295 6460

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