Name of Recipient:
Mr. Eric Lee

Established in 2008, In-Expat has been working on their motto “strive beyond expectation” and thus delivering the best results to their customers. Their services including a host of interior-designing aspects including carpentry, painting, hacking, masonry works such as tiling and other electrical services. In addition, they also provide interior designing, space planning, overall project managing services for their clients, aiding customers who already have a strong idea of what they want their home to look like. All of the above is accomplished by designers and contractors with a wealth of experience, combining their individual skill sets to form a formidable team for In-Expat.

The founder, Mr. Eric Lee, has been in the interior design industry for about twenty years. With his passion and expertise for the industry, it seemed only natural that he establish his own firm after years of working under others. With that, In-Expat was born.

As with every new company in any industry, it came with its own set of challenges. For Mr. Lee, the manpower was a concern. With changes in government policies in the hiring of foreign workers, Mr. Lee had to slightly compensate financially on this front. As most of his workers are hired internationally, he can also face problems with the company quota and the workers’ visa issues. But other than that, Mr. Lee states that the business has not had major issues so far, and the business has been operating smoothly.

It is inevitable to face stiff competition in the interior design industry in Singapore. How Mr. Lee differentiates his business from other firms is to educate himself and his workers to have a strong sense of responsibility, as well as providing excellent service to their clients. He emphasized that there should be certain level of professionalism when it comes to dealing with the customers.

With In-Expat’s success, Mr. Lee talks about his achievements. “After I complete a job, there is always the sense of satisfaction at seeing a job well done.” In addition, there are a few assignments that particularly stood out to Mr. Lee. This includes their interior design for a pub at Robertson’s Quay, as well as some jobs that they have successfully bidded from the Ministry of Manpower. Their clientele has also now expanded to include both commercial and residential jobs, a feat that he is also particularly satisfied with.

When asked about his secret to success, Mr. Lee has this to say. “Entrepreneurs need to be diligent in what they are doing. They have to be responsible, committed, and passionate, because doing business takes a lot of focus.” He further adds, “These three are the most important traits of any entrepreneur. If you don’t have them together, the business would not go far.”

Now that In-Expat has established themselves firmly in the interior design industry in Singapore, Mr. Lee now has further plans in which to expand his business. He plans to bring his interior design services to other Asian and regional countries, and break into the competitive market overseas. With his passion, determination and consistency, we are sure Mr. Lee will take In-Expat further in the next few years than ever before.

Contact Details:
109A/109B Ubi Avenue 4 S(408760)
T| 6747 3578

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