Shine Guard Auto Service Centre

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Lee Chee Tong
Mr. Jason Lee

A well-maintained car speaks much of its owner. Tag with “let our work do the talking.”, the team has been engendering good impressions for incessant car owners with a history of more than thirty years, and still counting.

Founded in the year 1985, Shine Guard Auto Service Centre has batted a thousands for their committed services, keeping cars shining and acquiring referrals in leaps and bounds for their acclaimed professionalism in car aesthetics, including polishing; waxing and car washing.

To proficiently service their customers with convenience, the team has been operating on a smart business model in rendering their car aesthetic services in car parks, so that they can service the car while the owner run their errands and as anticipated, this model not only retain many of their long time customers but also attracts more and more young car owners.

Running the family business as the second generation now, the business is founded by Mr. Lee Chee Tong, the father of Mr. Jason Lee, the current owner of the company. Growing up in this nature of business, Jason has develop keen interest and the eye for detail in providing first class car aesthetic services over the years and now having the grasp on the gist in running this business, he never stop seeking ways to improve on his services as well as advancement.

“Every car is a different challenge”, Jason says, “and it take different facets of skills to fulfill each individual car owners and their expectation.” Apart from skills and commitment, tolerance is one important attribute that Jason believe the team must have to be successful in this business. “It is common to come across difficult customers with some who will request our staff to perform additional tasks that are not within our service scope, at times in a rude manner, thus it is important to remain our cool and make sure our staff never argues and communicate in a courteous manner at all times to resolve these situations as amicable possible.” he added.

Deeming the keen attitude towards his staff is as important as to his customer, Jason emphasize on fair management and efficient communication to run a taut ship on people management. Engendering affirmative influences on the team, he has always keep up the desired standards within all his staff. “It always feels good to receive compliments from customers for your team’s good service, attitude and professionalism.” Certainly, receiving such sentiments has become an encouraging factor to keep their desires to deliver even better results burning.

To Jason, running a business is like a mission where he has to give it all that he has, from deep within. Instead of focusing on profit, he believes in focusing on each and every customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, to ensure that he maintain his delivering standards and timely ameliorate his services, consistently obtaining feedbacks from every customer possible has become a practice he leverage on and through this, the company now has perpetual loyal customers who are with them for more than a decade, some with two which he has always take pride in acquiring return customers and their referrals.

Possessing keenness and passion in delivery blue-ribbon standards with zero defection as the key to success in his business, the team has plans to expand into more outlets only when their customer base has grown to the extend that requires them to, so as “not to dilute the quality”, Jason elaborate, and to provide their hundred percent attention to every customer like what they always do. Having his foot at the door, the team is committed to duplicate their passionate expertise down from generations to generations and seek to continue benefiting car owners with constant betterment.

Contact Details:
10 Eunos Road 8 Singapore Centre
B1 Carpark S(408600)
T| 6547 8639

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