Value Movers

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Alvin
Mr. Marcus

If you are seeking individual microscopic relocation service that you can trust, this is the committed team of movers and shakers you will love to meet and hate to miss.

Established in the year 2012, Value Movers Singapore has hoist to provide professional and value for money moving services, and is acclaimed for their heedful and driven professionalism. Founded by two consonant friends, the entire team is formed up by a synthesis of long term friends that model the ‘ace team’ paradigm, who operates in accord and homogeneousness with excellent team camaraderie.

Catching the vested interest in this industry then, the Founders give their first impetus not so much on acquiring their first clients, but rather by researching on how to provide a meritorious conformation to offer customers with a stress free and gilt-edged services. “Putting in your heart and soul in pre-planning and initial preparation is essential in setting up a business”, says Mr. Alvin, “and it is important to design your own unique selling proposition in order carve out a niche for your company in the industry you are in.”

With much implementation of originality and fresh ideas, the management never take a lull in consistently upgrading their operation structure and service strategy. Appendage to the passion for service excellency with the eye for details, the team has attained their eminence in delivering their values of providing safe and reliable moving services at the most affordable rates in a most efficient way possible, in all capacity.

Moving from a humble office to a warehouse space within their first year of operation, the team has just expanded in terms of operational equipment. “Entrepreneurship means knowing everything about what you do and be an expert in doing it better than others in the industry”, the Founders elaborated, “It is also about making sure that the entire team takes ownership and handle every single piece of the relocating items like their own. This is particularly imperative in the movers industry.”

An investment in knowledge pays the best dividend. To ensure that the team is technically adapted at all facets, the Founders ceaselessly invest time and effort in upgrading the team and themselves with the fundamentals of the industry. “You need to have the passion and discipline to constantly upgrade your team and yourself in skills and knowledge”, the Founders emphasized, “and knowledge is the key to marshal resources effectively for smooth coordination and operations.”

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Resolved to live high off the hog since young, the aspiring Founders now owns more than one business. “Thinking about it is one thing and doing it is totally another”, says the Founders,” and the success lays with your commitment to a best laid plan.” Inspired to run it big, the team now plans to zoom into industrial sector and deal with large machineries, and expand to another warehouse with a minimum of eight trucks. Working in strong unity, the team will continue to grow as one and be the valued sanction solution provider in moving industry.

Contact Details:
61 Bukit Batok Crescent #03-06
Heng Loong Building S(658078)
T| 9320 0088

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