Taekwondonomics Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Thomson Tan

With the rise in importance of daily exercise, many modern Singaporeans have taken up various sports as a hobby. Some may prefer group sports such as basketball and football, while others may be interested in contact sports such as Aikido or Taekwondo. One Taekwondo training centre that has put itself on the map recently is Taekwondonomics Pte Ltd, providing well-structured Taekwondo classes for both families and individuals.

Established last year by Mr. Thomson Tan, Taekwondonomics offers a suite of courses for those looking to learn the art form, including the Super Junior Taekwondo; for children as young as three, the Kids Taekwondo, the Pace Challenger, Special Needs, as well as the Executive Adult Taekwondo course. In addition to their on-site lessons, they also provide school CCA training, personal coaching, corporate seminars, indoor/outdoor demonstration as well.

Situated conveniently in SAFRA Toa Payoh, Taekwondonomics caters to a wide range of clients from children to adult, with their experienced instructors guiding their students to achieve their potential. What is different about Taekwandonomics from other taekwando lessons is that they follow a well-structured, progressive program that is in accordance to the standards of Singapore Taekwondo Association. In addition, they also hold the honour of being the first taekwondo school to be in a SAFRA establishment.

Mr. Tan himself is an experienced taekwondo practitioner, and before he established Taekwondonomics, he was conducting lessons as an instructor for over twenty years. Over the years, Mr. Tan has garnered an impressive amount of students, with many reaching black belt status. However, at that time, lessons are usually conducting in Community Centres or Recreation Centres, which meant that space was a premium given the demand of public space rentals. This meant that when SAFRA approached Mr. Tan with an idea for an exclusive Taekwondo studio, he jumped at the chance. This will not only ensure a constant training space, but will also foster a sense of belonging with the school.

However, it was only the beginning of a long journey, fraught with its own set of challenges and difficulties. As Mr. Tan is committed to finding the best instructors from over the world, applying for tender and work passes for them took some months, hence delaying their opening day. Contributing to this delay was the licensing for the construction of the place itself. But as soon as the centre opened, Mr. Tan’s worries soon vanished. Within a year, from zero clients, they have managed to garner 120 students, and till now, are still quickly expanding. Today, they have sent some students to the National Poomsae Competitions, with two of the students earning accolades. Taekwondonomics’ students have also done well on the national level, doing very well in its competitions.

One person that has spurred Mr. Tan to be at his absolute best is his father. A taekwondo practitioner himself, his father taught and molded Mr. Tan into the resilient and passionate entrepreneur he is today. Mr. Tan shares, “My father is my role model. He is the one who coached me since from young. I got all my skills from him. Without him, I would not have been able to accomplish many things I have achieved in my life today.”

With his passion for Taekwondo, Mr. Tan has led Taekwondonomics with purpose and determination. “I find that I can make a difference in other people’s lives. Creating job opportunities, helping families spend quality family bonding time together.” To create this difference, Mr. Tan feels that entrepreneurs should possess certain qualities. “They have to be focused, be hardworking. Know the industry and skills that they are involved in, as you should never go into business, regardless of the industry, blindly.”

With the rise in prominence in sports and fitness, taekwondo will definitely continue to be in demand in the Singapore landscape. For Mr. Tan, he has great plans in store for Taekwondonomics. “Given the opportunity, I would like to open more branches someday. For now, I hope to get in more instructors for our students. It is my aim to always tie up with the National Sports Association and adopt their professional standards, so that in the future, when our students are issued certificates, it is from us.”

With such great room for expansion, and under the direction of Mr. Tan, there is no doubt that there are great things ahead for Taekwondonomics.

Contact Details:
293 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 #03-05
Toa Payoh SAFRA Sports Room 2 S(319387)
T| 6354 2208
E| thomsontansh@yahoo.com.sg

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