CLC-Global Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Christina Chua

With the increasing innovation of technology, many businesses have begun to make use of them, as a means of broadcasting their brand to others, and as a means to manage their in-house communications. One company, CLC-Global Pte Ltd, aims to do just that, providing design and development services in the software and telecommunications industry.

CLC-Global was first set up in year 2006 by Ms. Christina Chua, and has, over the years, maintained phenomenal growth as well as achieving total financial stability. An Information Communications Technology (ICT) solution provider, their scope of services includes smart mobile services development and design, ICT project management and outsourcing, structured cabling management, technology resources recruitment, and more. CLC-Global aims to be a one-stop end-to-end solutions provider, enabling clients to establish and manage information and communication technologies, allowing maximum connectivity with their employees and business partners, hence enhancing business productivity for their clients.

As an established corporate ICT and telecommunications solutions provider, CLC-Global is equipped with professional in-house capabilities, able to provide consistent services and support for major brands of hardware and software. In addition to serving local clients, they have also reached out to clients in regional countries, supplying the same high quality services and solutions. Furthermore, CLC-Global has also been involved in numerous projects from a major telecommunications company, which outsourced to them the project for cable installations.

Graduated with a degree in business management while majoring in the technical aspects of telecommunications, Ms. Chua believes the knowledge that she acquired had been a great help to her work. Working with partners as a consultant since 2001, this business opportunity to establish a company of her own came knocking on her door. Having already had seventeen years of experience in this the industry, Ms. Chua now is eager to try something different. As thee freedom of running her own company really appealed to her, Ms. Chua hence took a leap of faith, and CLC-Global was born.

Being a female in a male-dominated industry, Ms. Chua faced many challenges when she first established the company. She elaborated, “It was very tough in the beginning. It is not so easy to be recognized for your capability as males in the industry.” Usually, the people in the industry are usually much more senior and experienced than herself. Being a newcomer boss in the industry, Ms. Chua often found herself being stereotyped, and hence has to go the extra mile, putting in even more effort to gaining trust and reputation in the industry. Additionally, it is also hard to get employees in this niche industry, and is still one of the problems she faces till today.

Knowing of the disadvantage she is placed at, Ms. Chua hence works doubly hard to differentiate CLC-Global from their competitors. They strive be as innovative as their creativity allows, going the extra mile with their services. With their attitude of “doing more than was asked”, as well as their high quality of performances, CLC-Global soon built up their reputation as one of the most reliable service providers, one that is able to fulfill any request.

Now considered a veteran with her years of experience, Ms. Chua knows best the elements it takes to succeed in the industry. “They must have plenty of forward planning.” Ms. Chua said. “There is also plenty of hard work and persistence involved.” She then further added, “I also believe that selecting the right group of personnel is very important; they can make or break a business.” In addition, she also believes confidence plays a big role in success. “They must believe they can do it. Only then will they be spurred to do things.”

A highly motivated individual, it is clear to see why CLC-Global has accumulated such success since its establishment. But Ms. Chua does not plan to sit on her laurels. She is still striving to get more projects for the company, in the hope that the business can also bring in new and innovative technology. Also, Ms. Chua is also planning to break into the digital media industry in the future, with the plan that their current mobile app services can extend to platforms such as the iPad and Samsung gadgets. CLC-Global, under the leadership of Ms. Chua, hopes to soon grow into a pioneer in this industry, hence becoming not only a prominent company in Singapore, but also in the Asia Pacific.

Contact Details:
10 Ubi Crescent Ubi Techpark Lobby D
#06-65 S(408564)
T| 6848 9328
F| 6848 9330

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